Public Can Now Watch MPs in Parliament

Parliament has launched a new website showing the outputs of the parliamentary CCTV system so that people can watch online what their MPs are doing in the house.

Slovak Parliament (c) Martin Domok

The initiative originated and was financed by Igor Matovic’s OLaNO party and was put into service yesterday, with live footage available at .

The new website means you can check on anyone in parliament as the cameras cover all MP benches, something that was not available to the public till now, who could only view the person holding the floor.




  1. I thought it was quite funny when RC Cardinal Old Bloke, shuffled in through the balcony double doors, with his head wobbling like some parcel shelf, car dog toy, then named the New Pope, yes, Frank the First …..the huge crowd went into stunned shock of silence, … …..who did he just say then ???…Then old cardinal bloke, turn on his lazy sally turntable and shuffles off back through the double white doors .

  2. A good move by Matovic but it won’t make any difference to MP attendance. They will just think up ever more outlandish excuses for not being at work.
    Still, we may get to see some good punch ups in the future and JOJ can now employ a fashionlog to comment on the MPs apparel.
    Anyone else see that new expert on JOJ last night? – a church analyst ( Looked like a cross between Harry Potter, a train spotter and a flasher). That profession must be as busy as a Coronation Programme Seller!

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