PWC: Economic Crime on Rise in Slovakia

The latest economic crime report on Slovakia published by PWC does not provide a positive picture of the developments in the country, with substantial increases in the perception of economic crime in the past three years.

Economic crime is increasingly common in the Slovak Republic. 34% of respondents indicated that their company has experienced economic crime within the last 24 months in the Slovak Republic; this represents a significant increase compared to GECS 2011 (21%). The current occurrence is in line with regional and global averages (38% and 37% respectively). 58% of organisations who suffered economic crime estimated the resulting total financial loss as USD 100,000 or more.

The Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 was carried out by PwC. It is the largest survey of its kind with 5,128 survey participants from 99 countries, including 76 respondents from Slovakia. The survey is intended not only to describe the current state of economic crime but also to identify trends and the perception of future risks.

Misappropriation, bribery, corruption and accounting fraud were among the strongest perceived forms of economic crime. The full report for Slovakia can be seen here.


  1. Things just keep getting nasty. Only way to make a buck, I guess…

  2. Rumor has it the Bob the Hood has a mistress and spends more time servicing her, rather than fixing the economy …..?

    Can anyone out there source the rumor ??

    1. A lady of talent – photed in a BA gay bar with BnM back in 2010 and employed as a “secretary with no eductaion” at SMER HQ she’s now his “personal secretary” with some perks – reserved parking for her new 30K motor at Parliament (Deputies only!) and a plush 100k apartment apparently obtained without a mortgage. Step mum and sister must be equally talented as they both have obtained jobs in ministeries. Not as well publicised as her name’s day private dinner was the photo of the two on “holiday” in Croatia the following month – 7 Plus facing a law suit for publishing the story.

      1. He who has regrets cannot look at himself in the mirror.

        Perhaps that is why he shaves so rarely ???

  3. Worth noting this report, sad as it is, only covers private businesses. The real gravy train is within State and Local Government. Classic example reported on JOJ last night. 10’s of thousands paid to a fly by night company that has now filed for bankruptcy for work that quite clearly has never been done with the man who ordered the work and authorised payment sat grinning, shovelling a few papers around on his desk in his well appointed office, shrugging his shoulders and basically unable or unwilling to give any answers. Such instances are very common here. At a recent “council surgery” a local man, an absolute star, presented the elected members with two photographs of a children’s play area, one taken before and one taken after almost 100K was paid for “improvements” and challenged all present to spot the difference. He’s still waiting for a response! With no effective mechanism for reporting or investigating fraud, corruption etc. other than reporting it to those who may actually have engineered the crime and/or who arrogantly disregard all evidence presented to them and take no action, not even the courtesy of a reply, there is no chance of honest governance or financial accountabilty.

  4. Welcome to the world of SMER…. They lead, and the rest are sure to follow!

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