Quiz Night at Goblins Pub

We are delighted to launch a new regular series of trivia quizzes at Goblins Pub.

Wednesday 2nd May, 8PM to 10PM

Come with a group of friends and form your own team or come alone and join a team. There are prizes to be won and new friends and enemies to be made! We will also have bonus questions and challenges for you to win instant prizes!

The entry fee is a bargain at just €2 per person!

Here is a brief explanation of how the quizzes work.

Participants form into teams of up to 4 people. Don’t worry if you are on your own, as we can usually fit you in to a team with others. Our “quizmaster” will ask a series of trivia questions, which include identifying music clips, movie clips and pictures, as well as answering questions on a wide range of different topics, such as history, geography, sport, science, food & drink and many more. Prizes are awarded to the winning team and runners up.

We don’t expect anyone to take the quizzes too seriously. This is all about having fun and enjoying an evening with friends, old and new.

The quizzes start at 8pm and we do encourage you to reserve your table in advance either by emailing reservations@babybluebanana.com or by contacting the venue direct. Reservations will only be kept until 7.45pm, due to the likely demand.

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