Radicova Hopes to Stop the Rot in Gorilla Case

The Slovak secret service SIS, which carried out the controversial Gorilla surveillance operation into alleged corrupt ties between politicians and the business sphere, has now started to be more accommodating with the investigation into the case.

PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily

Among other things, head of SIS Karol Mitrik has replied at last to the questions put to him by PM Iveta Radicova early last week. Radicova had put 12 questions to Mitrik over the affair, and is content with how Mitrik answered them. Unfortunately, neither Radicova or anyone else is able to disclose anything about the answers, as the Gorilla is still classified. Radicova said she had no problem discussing the answers in more details if they were declassified.

Speaking as part of the HNClub forum of daily Hospodarske Noviny, Radicova lamented how she felt like the country was being “eaten up by moths, and simple moth repellent is not enough to deal with it. We have to exterminate it from the wardrobes altogether. If we don’t deal with this, then those moths will eat us up, really!. I hope the investigation will, finally, have some effect”.

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