Radicova Speaks at Energy Forum in Prague

On Thursday last week Prime Minister Iveta Radicova attended the 6th European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF) in Prague, at which she agreed with her Czech counterpart Petr Necas on the need for additional safety stress tests for nuclear power plants in the EU.

PM addresses ENEF, photo: http://www.premierkasr.sk

The increased focus on the safety of nuclear power plants was provoked by the recent disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan following a destructive tsunami in March.

In her address to the forum, Radicova underlined the importance of nuclear energy for the Slovak Republic, but also how the issue of safety should not be neglected. She praised the standard of operational safety of Slovak nuclear power plants, which have only ever received good reports from experts.

Radicova stated that the energy sector in Europe and throughout the world stands before difficult and complex challenges, whether in respect of climatic changes or the environment overall. She said it was important to develop and provide continued support for renewable energies, the use of which is constantly rising.

The ENEF is a forum involving official representatives of EU member states, the European Parliament, energy companies and environmental organisations, the nuclear energy industry, as well as companies producing consumer goods, the banking sector and public administration.

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