Reporting obligation for accommodating foreigners could be scrapped

SDKU MP and former labour minister Ludovit Kanik is proposing scrapping the obligation for people to file a report with the police if they have foreigners staying with them who are not subject to visas in Slovakia.

The idea is intended to ease up the administrative burden for those accommodating foreigners, and the motion will be put to the parliamentary session this month. The situation at present means anyone putting a foreigner up has to complete a special form and hand it into the police.

Kanik believes the proposal will help simplify and improve the business environment in accommodation services, for example, as those who do not need visas here are usually from the EU and other partner countries with which Slovakia does not have a visa requirement.

For those foreigners who are subject to a visa requirement in Slovakia, Kanik’s revision also hopes to allow them to be registered in electronic form.

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