Restaurant Review: Country & Western Saloon

On the road from Myjava to Nové Mesto nad Váhom you turn left at Bzince Pod Javinou and continue to Cetuna. There you will find  a quaint small bar restaurant called The Country and Western Saloon.

Last Saturday whilst out on my wee bike, honoring my promise of a ride and a spot of lunch to “She who likes to be obeyed” in exchange for flat tidying services rendered, we stopped in Brezová pod bradlom at a rustic pizza place,, whatever, situated opposite the old train station by a bubbling brook, but waiting for service from the waitress for 15 minutes, even though she passed our table no less than 6 times without even the offer of a menu, took its toll and the bubbling brook had turned into my patience boiling.

I thus decided to get the hell out of Dodge and headed for a small place some fellow bikers from Senica had introduced me to last summer, and which I have visited many times since.

The Country and Western Saloon as it is known ( offers a varied and great value menu, not the cheapest, but great value nonetheless. I have tried 2 of the steaks on offer in the past and they equal any I have had in the top establishments of Bratislava and at ½ the price and less.

On Saturday I did not fancy a steak or any heavy meaty meal, unusual for me I must say. The Kangaroo steak almost had me, though, but when the “lady ballast” heard this I saw her eyes well up at the mention of Skippy on a Skillet, so I let her order for both of us.

Before long we had fried bloody cheese with hranolky and salad, and of course the mandatory Tatarská  O“F’ing”máčka aka Tartar sauce. I bit my tongue, but for once I have to say I enjoyed this simple dish.

The cheese was substantial, the breadcrumb coating was crisp and light, loads of ham in the middle and some pretty tasty homemade tartar sauce on the side, with a very light and crisp side salad with only a hint of finely sliced cucumber. We did not bother with desserts as we were stuffed after the cheese. Just Mineral water and coffees – by the way they do a great Tiramisu.

The service was quick and pleasant as we sat on the veranda and watched the numerous vehicles and cowboys and girls ride by. Then two Vintage Jawas pulled up, one in old police livery. After dismounting, the riders inspected my Irish registered inter continental ballistic space scooter as it was once referred to and I admired their pristine vintage conveyances.

They seated themselves next to us and engaged straight away in conversation and continued to do so as their two steaks arrived. Gazing over the two steaks ordered by the bikers beside us, one a T. Bone and the other a Diablo, I commented to the two lads how I would be returning next week at the same time to gorge myself in dead cow or Roo.

Their response was that they would most likely also be there with their other bikes as it’s a regular haunt for them as well as many other bikers and their non biker friends.  So next Saturday Skippy beware, Flannery’s on the tear.

The Damage:

Two Fried Cheese dinners, 4 coffees and two Mineral waters: €15.00 (inc small tip).



  1. Christ, this is gonna be a bad week . I have agreed with James and now about to with Moel ….Bryndzové Halušky I also find it repulsive …..flour nochie, covered in pork fat, no wonder most Slovaks over aged 50 are brain dead ….. Quite like Bryndzové cheese in a bagel, with thin cut losos thou . 🙂

    1. 🙂 George, what can I say! for once very little. 🙂 Except;
      To ruin good salmon is a sin, that’s coming from the grandson of a Salmon fisherman. My poor old gran-dad would dig himself up if he knew.

  2. Stefan, the meals I commented on were hardly traditional Slovak fare. Judging by the Slovak love of pizza, will you claim that from the Italians next? Fried cheese is pretty international ask any French person. As for steaks, please, Slovakia does not really have a rich tradition as beef eaters. But never fear, I will never comment on bryndzové halušky as i find it repulsive and in my opinion an acquired taste. However I do find the pig ribs excellent here as I do the beers, though I must say the Czech ones are better.
    Does Slovakia have a proud tradition in Country and western music also?
    However, its nice to see you commenting again and I hope you read the articles in their entirety before putting fingers to key board.
    Good to see you back at the !

  3. This article sounds like a Slovak man going to the UK and teaching the English about Fish & Chips, and what it is :-))))

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