Retail Chains To Undergo Food Quality Analysis

Recent allegations that food chains are selling meat that should have been recalled and an analysis by daily Hospodarske Noviny into how retail chains are selling inferior products in Slovakia, has led the Ministry of Agriculture to initiate a quality analysis in shops.

The retail chains, which contested all the claims, have now agreed with the Ministry for it to carry out a quality analysis and price comparison in the shops in question. All the main food stores will be taking part, namely Billa, Carrefour, Hypernova, Kaufland, Lidl, Metro and Tesco.

Last week agriculture minister Zsolt Simon spoke out against the alleged practices of retail chains, saying it was unacceptable how Slovaks are being treated like second class citizens in Europe when it comes to food quality.


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  1. Quality of food is crap in Slovakia , well if you use the chain supermarkets . Why or why does most bread products, taste like cardboard ???? I tended to use independent Butchers and Deli’s when I lived there . I am fortunate however, that I can now use the shops in H’berg . Even the soap power from there washes clothes and 30% cheaper !

    Cha cha cha …

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