Rezes’ Daughter Causes Three Deaths Driving Under Influence

A car accident on the M3 in Hungary on Tuesday involving a Slovak woman that led to three Hungarians being burned alive as they could not escape their car will be used by the Hungarian courts to give an exemplary sentence as the woman had had been drinking and even had a bottle of vodka in her car at the time.

The woman, Eva Varholikova-Rezesova, is the 35-yr old daughter of the late Alexander Rezes, who was one of Meciar’s right hand men for many years and who controlled VSZ steelworks, among other things. The Hungarian police have confirmed that she was in fact under the influence at the time of the accident.

Varholikova-Rezesova apparently dosed off and just ploughed her BMW into the back of the unsuspecting Fiat Punto, which ignited after being rammed into a crash barrier. Only one of the four passengers managed to escape, but she suffered second and third degree burns on aroun 90% of her body, while losing her husband, sister and brother-in-law. [post print: the woman also later died today]

The Hungarian authorities have detained Varholikova pending a verdict, while her mother has said her daughter is ready to take full responsibility and suffer the consequences for the tragedy. Her mother also conveyed her deepest apologies and condolences to the family of the deceased.

The consequences in Hungary could be much greater than they may have been had the accident happened in Slovakia, where the highly affluent Rezes family are widely believed to have a lot of influence. The public prosecutor in Hungary is expected to motion for a 10-year prison sentence, which is 2 over the maximum as she was driving while drunk and going at excessive speed.


  1. As we are discussing Motor accidents , as well as Smug`s IQ level , I thought I would mention this Tragic Tale as it appears JB missed the story today and it sort of tickled my sad Black Sense of Humour .

    ~~~ A Slovak woman crashed her car near the Hungarian-Serbian border, after getting a burst tyre, but fortunately survived the nasty car crash, that the tyre caused . After a police patrol arrived at the scene, the Slovak woman went into the police car to write down the accident report. While getting out of the car, she was then run over by a Polish holiday bus, that also slammed into the police car as well

    It appears The Bus crash claimed the lives of the Slovak woman and a Serbian police officer, with four other police officers suffering injuries. The Polish bus was carrying vacationers returning home from Bulgaria. ~~~

    Blimmy, How unlucky was that ??? I guess your numbers called !

  2. Mad George strikes again with his lack of intellect, intelligence and awareness of cultural diversity. Plagiarism is all he has to offer those whose language may be other than Germanic English. The citizens of Bratislava abhorred the arrival of the uncouth loud mouthed stag parties who plagued the centre with their antisocial antics, but then there was George.The atypical Englishman of unknown heritage who seeks to denigrate everything Slovak because of his own shortcomings.
    However , I do so hope he comes to terms with himself and starts to live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

    1. Smug, I guess unloading the family jewels was not on your personal agenda at last evening, when you spent 22 minutes constructing this single and yes, most enlightening, thoughtful comment for us all to read ?
      In Life , I may not know everything, but clearly, I just know much more than you.

      I would have liked to have returned the insult back to you, but you just don`t understand, that we have people at all levels of the evolutionary scale, actually reading this forum and I have to take that in to consideration when commenting.

      BTW……….enjoy your banana and peanuts for breakfast.

  3. I didn’t say Slovak system is good, I just noticed that the British system isn’t any good either.

    But just to amuse you:

    Three world famous Slovaks:

    Jozef Gabcik
    Alexander Dubcek
    Milan Rastislav Štefánik

    1. Really, really, really struggling eh ?

  4. Really Pee …..if it Brit Education sucks, name me Three well, known world famous (for anything, even Inventor, Music, General etc ?? ) that was born and educated in Slowvakia ?? ….

  5. Really, you’re proud of being educated in the UK? I’ve seen the UK educational system as a teacher, it sucks big time. There is nothing to be proud of in the UK school system and you know it.

    1. Dr. P.
      Whilst educational standards in our schools have slipped dramatically, especially over the last two decades, and we no longer are rated as having similar standards to the Dutch, the UK is still rated far above the Slovak Republic.
      In the field of University education, UK universities occupy 24 slots in the top 80 unis in Europe – not one Sk uni is listed.
      The figures of foreign students studying the UK are also quite telling with a year on year increase in applications.
      I don’t know about George M, I believe he is over 40 years old, but I completed my eduction over 30 years ago, when the UK was at the top every league table. So whilst I agree with your observation regarding the current situation of UK education your comment based on the current situation may not be relevent to those of us educated in the UK’s heyday of educational excellence.
      One interesting point of a recent EU report on education is the less than level playing field when comparing educational systems and results. The “old western countries” have a higher standard for exam passes and a more transparent and accountable exam adjuducation procedure than many “new Europe countries”. They certainly don’t suffer from the “qualifications for cash” or ” qualifications for political allegiance” that appear to be common in some countries.

  6. Hey Mr Jerrycan …Ped and Log are great Ayran clones and them wittering on this forum kinda make me feel real good to be British educated and not Slowvak educated .

    It would be of course be totally wrong for me to talk about Smug Alec American`s and there own feelings.

  7. Editor, one assumes you did some research before taking the trouble to develop another Slovak-oriented Web site, and if so, you must have noticed that the many major sites devoted to Slovakia were all compelled to make radical changes in structure, or in one case, close the site to free entry altogether, due to the neurotic behavior of one Slovak person. This person, currently using the name Logsar or Pedro (although he has over the years attacked English Language Slovak Web sites using at least 25 different aliases and email addresses), apparently believes he has found a place where he can launch hate attacks apon British forum users with no basis in reality — note his sudden appearance and irrelevant and inaccurate attack against English speaking people on your site today, or his attempt to start a fight in your comment-debate section with an irrational comment about something he read on the Daily News and spend his day picking fights.

    It seems reasonable to assume that you know this already, and if so, don’t mind. But if you investigate the past history on the other Slovak oriented Web sites, you will see that in each case this Psycho managed to drive off virtually every long-time, regular English speaking reader and participant, with his hate and spitting at Non Slovak speaking ( Normally British or American) speaking people .

    I am mainly writing to say that after today`s reading your site, it is obvious that this website it’s just another platform for Psycho Losgar or Pedro etc etc etc to live his life in Cyberspace.

    Note. I have already given up on the Daily website .

    1. yeap ….aaand off you go …))… Sherlock

    2. J.E. Cann – Well said Sir! I totally agree with every word of your post.
      On the other hand I thank JB for allowing the Pedros, Losgars and Lady Ga Gas on the site. They all manage to demonstrate the bahavioural paterns that serve to reinforce the increasingly common perception of this country and its people.
      I thought that you would observe the united stance of the free world and not have “given in” to “terrorists”. The fact that they have managed to contaminate other sites as you suggest and your decision to give up on this site will be seen as a victory for these people so while I understand and respect your decision it makes me sad. Perhaps if we all just ignore their ramblings and don’t respond they will seek out somewhere else to peddle their twisted game.

  8. ist painful …isnt it ….it aches soooo much, Mongol )) …Trianon ….and the rest )) …yeaah mate ….ur pissing against wind here, clever )) ….nothing u can do about that ….its done …all ur bullshit here just makes me laugh ))

    BTW : yeap, english is not great )) …but thats fine with me ))

  9. Pedro, tell me did you wake up one day and was Nationalistic and dumb, or as most Slovaks were just born dumb and got dumber abd dumber? ( What a title for a Film ! ) Nationalism is over …the SNS lick their wounds, whilst Jan left on Election day to his gifted helicopter to his gifted seaside Villa, as he was no longer protected as an MP . Hungarian SMK are in the Toilet .

    Soon Slovakia will be rightly divided in half to SlovakoHungary by EU directive, as the fair way forward so the ethnic Hungarians can be fairly governed and treated, as is Kosovo, rather by peasant Slowvaks woodcutters who still cannot run a piss up in a beer factory .

    One thing I admire about Malinova is here resolve and determination and not ONCE has she submitted to State Sponsored threats and admitted she lied ..and she has made the Slowvak Goverment, Police and Justice system look stupid ( no real surprise there ) as they wriggle and squirm off their, false and self serving statements .

    BTW , Pedbike where did you learn your English … Poland …it is awful ?

  10. no Dave ….any inteligent person after reading ur article /this fantastic and bombastic revalation of trues/ will realise :

    1. it has been written by Research Institute in Samorin – it means – by Mongols/Hungarians/
    2. if you notice Annex – 97% of material used for writing this one-sided CRAP was from Mongols sources
    3. I could include complete material written in english which – putting all the facts together – makes Malinova simply – lying bitch …but would such material be objective ?? …i dont think so …

    Truth is somewhere else ….its in history, its in hate between Slovaks and Mongols, its in Austria-Hungarian empire and Slovaks position within, its in Trianon ….etc ….etc…etc

    Something what was lost in history ….is lost forever …and there is nothing u can do about that ….

    …and finally …ur last sentence made me really laugh ))) ….’you may find ur views on Slovakia have changed’ ))) …u see …in terms of views on Mongols … i dont have to digg out any anti Hungarian materials ….nowdays the whole Europe see what kind of nation you are )) …u stopped hiding it ….it finally surfaced out ))

    In terms of Rezes bitch ….she killed 4 people ….drunk and drugged …she deserves to rot in prison … Mongol’s one … thats my humble opinion.

      I cited that particular publication for readers who don’t have a full command of Slovak and who may wish to hear Ms Malinova’s side of the story and compare that to the little factual information that has appeared in the Sk press.
      So the one sided crap presented by Slovakia is more reliable than the one sided crap produced by someone else – Yeah Right!
      You may wish to read the ECHR records of this case and its ruling, although do doubt you will believe that the ECHR, not being Slovak, is biased against Slovakia. Malinova and the Slovak state presented their evidence to the ECHR and the Sk lost, like it did 239 other cases in that year.
      In the real world allegations stand for nothing, it is what you can prove and NOT ONE allegation against Malinova has been proved.
      As for the history of the region, the past has passed, Slovaks should be celebrating their statehood and freedom, building a bright new country, fit for all its citizens. Instead many feel obliged to hark back to those times, beyond the living memory of present day Slovaks and Hungarians, and use it as a justification for objectionable actions against anyone who isn’t Slovak.

      I agree with your comment on the Rezes article.

      1. ~~~~should be celebrating their statehood and freedom, building a bright new country, fit for all its citizens. Instead many feel obliged to hark back to those times, beyond the living memory ….~~~~

        DC. Slowvakia STILL has a `MEMORY INSTITUTE` so it can hark back to the good old days and be vindictive and smear, Mr Joe Soap of Socialist times


    I would recommend anyone interested in the Malinova case to read the above. Its in good English and certainly joins up all the dots. Beware, after reading it you may find your views on Slovakia have changed.

    1. Nice one DC. It shows that the Slowvak`s government’s law enforcement organs (i.e. the police and prosecution) have little respect for the Law themselves, ignore proper legal process, that politicians are allowed to say anything and respond via paranoid of plots against them and act as they please, without any legal penalty and that perhaps extremists are just considered hooligans in Law and thus allowed to insult and even threaten minorities, where victims of these Slowvak extremist crimes are met with Ayran Slowvak State sponsored legal terror and legal abuse ……and all this with total impunity.

  12. Georgo ….are u sure your brain is working fine ? banana boyo ..?? ))

    Such an ‘inteligent’ Homo Erectus ?? … public interest …. other EU countries ….being guest here )) …are u an expert in anglo & continental law ….because …honestly …ur full of shit to me …so far …
    what is ur nationallity ….chimp ? ))) ..since u know so much about us 5 veg’n’fruit a day Slovaks … I bet we could find some Mongol genes in ur structure …but maybe im wrong …)) /no …im not/

    1. Not found any dead bodies in your garden recently then Predro, do they really know how they got there …are the Police now looking for you boyo ?

      BTW.Keep taking the pills …..

      1. )) …hey Mongol ….expected a bit more sophisticated answer from such an ‘intelligent’ individual as yourself …

        BTW ….pills are fine, will keep taking them, …and u keep wanking ….and stop using my ‘boyo’ stuff ))) ….boyo

        1. Pedro, the Original Slowvak jumping boyo bean .

          DC, isn`t it great to find yet another intellectual, smart and well spoken Aryan Slowvak on this Forum . He sorta paints the picture for the entire Breed and why they are in line for all the best paid jobs in the EU , as whores, burger flippers and toilet cleaners .

  13. Ofcourse it is persecution in the case Mainova ….this case would never be allowed to continue in any other EU country other of Slovakia, as it does not serve the Public interest, the only the Political of Smer and a vindictive Minister who was made to look stupid by the European Court of justice .

    ~~he’s the end of the evolution chain.~~~ I bet you as all Slowvaks Loghead, enjoy your 5 veg`n` fruit a day …all banana`s of course .

    I feel you have forgotten the reason for this Website , I quote from JB on about us……`www.TheDaily.SK – daily Slovak news in English for everyone living or interested in the country who doesn’t speak Slovak.` ….you Loghead are here as a guest of us all NON Slovak ,.but of course you cannot behave, you are Slowvak .

  14. Yes George, the English don’t use any excuse when they face years in prison, they are always honest and tell the truth no matter how terrible crime they committed.

    JB – I wonder – it seems that your articles always miss some important information. It feels like your main goal is to “feed the chimps”. One chimp already has believed that he’s the end of the evolution chain.

    F.e. about Mrs.Malinova case – you didn’t write why the court in Nitra district subjected Mrs.Malinova to a test in a psychiatric clinic.
    Mrs.Malinova’s lawyer came out first with prooves that she wasn’t psychologically fit during the time when she was beaten /not because of the beating/ and the prosecutor had to ask for a professional proof as she is the one who is facing charges and it can only be for her favour. It’s sad but this is how it is.

    Anyway the whole case is very controversial. Seems like everybody wants this torture to end, the main mistake was made at the beginning when this case was closed without all proves been gathered and now it’s a never ending story.
    Everybody knows that this is no good for Mrs.Malinova as well for the SVK justice system.

    Nevertheless it’s not a persecution as your headline has suggested for sure.

    1. Loghead
      Of course English criminals offer excuses to try and get off the hook but they’re intelligent enough to offer something in mitigation unlike this dimwit Slovak, who’s compounded the offence by basically admitting to driving under the influence of drugs.

  15. …..And some cretins wonder why I am an expert on Ayran Slowvaks ??

    I often think I have heard just about everything here, only for another shock, horror, surprise to hit the press desk….but unlike Smug Alec, I dont have a certificate to prove my mental health to believe it .

  16. How about 8 years, for each person killed ?

    The fact is, it will take 10 years to finish in court ….delay,delay, delay, appeal, appeal, appeal, excuse, excuse, excuse … that time the angry, outraged people will have moved on, the other dead driver will be blamed as causing the accident and she will be living in save haven Belize .

    1. The defence has put forward the argument that some antiobiotics she was using may have had an influence on her being under the influence, while a technical problem can also not be ruled out.

      1. Wowowow John Boyd!!!! Finally she was a angel and this 4…repeating. FOUR life were stupid unlucky to driving just before this drunk LADY.
        4 lives vanish away in the universe in a great suffering then not to forget to mention about their families,mothers,fathers,grandparents,sisters,brothers,cousins..never ends the listing of the affected by, they have been destroyed for a few years if not for all rest of their life. That”s a very serious thing, so dont be standing out for her even if you are a friend of her, are you???Shaaame!!!!!!!!Killing innocent people as she did it worth to rotten in prison.
        Some antibiotics she was using…..maybe was some another type of pills
        which goes on very well with alcohol, causing a fantastic state of euphoria, then just step on the gas pedal your fabolous BMW.
        Irresponsible affluent shit!!! Hope she will suffer a little bit too anyway never comparation to this poor family’s loss………………

        1. sorry, I really don’t understand what you are saying, but no, I dont know her or anyone from the family

          1. Don’t worry JB, we know who likes messing around by using more identities.
            If we wait for a few weeks the new people’s English will get miraculously improved.

      2. Classic! Absolute classic!
        Washes down her AntiBs with vodka. Did she not read the warning on the drugs? If I was the Hungarian prosecutor I’d add the charge of driving under the influence of drugs to the drunk driving, speeding and causing 4 deaths by reckless endangerment.

  17. It would appear that Hungary needs to revise its penal code. Only 8 (10) years for killing 4 people?
    She didn’t get drunk accidentally and then decide to drive at excessive speeds and wipe out a family – she knew what she was doing was wrong but did it anyway – is that not premeditation? I’m sure the family of these four people who suffered the most horrific death will not consider the proposed max sentence as adequate.
    I have to admit to extreme bias on this matter having lost family and friends to drunk drivers but I think the minimum sentence should be 15 years for causing death by drink driving with additional terms for the number killed i.e. Lock her up and throw away the key. Nambypamby penalties are no deterent. One Sk driver has been stopped 3 times driving drunk since originally losing his licence earlier this year, for being plastered behind the wheel (JOJ TV News), much to the frustration of the police who have done their duty just to watch him walk out of court and straight back behind the wheel.
    The Slovak Justice system could earn some much needed Brownie points by announcing that, after the Hungarians have finished with her, she will be banned from driving for life irrespective of her family connections.

    1. Breivik got 21 years for killing 77 people. What about that?

      DC – how typical this is. When I wrote that dog owners should be charged with murder for their dogs’ killing you laughed.
      But when it comes to drink driving you agree that the punishment should be harder.

      For the future – get of my back and try to use more arguments before making stupid remarks.

      1. LOGHEAD –
        Ah! Slovak logic at work. Breivik was charged with all 77 murders but to save tax payers money and valuable court time ( not a consideration in the Sk), the prosecutor proceded with a representative sample of victims rather than all of them, sufficient to get Brievik “life”, which is the maximum penalty that could be obtained. They could have prosecuted all 77 murder charges along with the other charges he faced, they could have given Breivik 77 life sentences, it still does not change the fact that he will never see the outside of a prison, he will die there. No doubt in the Sk all 77 murder charges would have been heard, Breivik would die of old age in custody and a future generation of children would have to read a history book to find out what he had done.

        I didn’t laugh at your comment on dog owners, I repeated George M’s serious question – How would you legislate against dog owners, something youv’e yet to comment upon, and pointed out that preventing the attacks occuring in the first place is far better than any subsequent punishment for the owner.

        As for getting off your back – Diddums! Does that nasty Englishman ridicule every incorrect statement, stupid off topic comment and purile insult you post? Grow up!, child. If you don’t want to be a target try engaging you brain before posting tripe. Now pick up Teddy , put on your policeman play suit and be a good boy when adults are talking.

        1. Hey DC, stop stealing my nic names, you`ll be using Smug Alec or Expired Expat next 🙂

        2. I see you are using George’s vocabulary, insults and nicknames. Should I make one for you? Like grandpa Craphold or something funnier?

          I’m tired of you and George jumping on my back and gnawing on my nape. Stop commenting on me, stop making guesses about what I didn’t say and stop playing a policeman on this website. I promiss I leave you alone then.

          1. Loghead, tell us all, what is it really like being a Slowvak ???

            All this plank does is whine and complain as all Slowvaks. Please Ban him JB, life was quite normal and constructive here, when he was not posting trash .

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