Rezesova’s Defence Strengthens in Tragic Accident

According to one expert on Hungarian TV2 channel, Eva Varholikova-Rezesova may not be to blame for the accident that claimed four lives on 21 August on a motorway in Hungary.

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Independent licensed appraiser Istvan Toth explained on a TV programme entitled “Will Rezesova escape a jail sentence?” how the blame of Rezesova for the accident might not be as clear cut as first thought. Toth questions the version that she fell asleep at the wheel, due to a bend just before the accident, but also says she could claim the alcohol in her blood was consumed after the actual accident, as she had a bottle of vodka in her car. Toth believes this or similar argument may be used in the case of the defence (she had 1.5 pro mille of alcohol in her blood shortly after the accident).

Toth also noted how the driver of the Fiat punto, in which 3 of the deceased were burned alive, could maybe also have been responsible for the accident by not giving right of way, or for not estimating the 200 kph speed that Rezesova was doing at the time.

The case could now rest on the testimony of unknown witnesses, and the police have even released a description of a Hungarian truck driver who they believe could help clarify the accident, and called for any more witnesses to come forward.

In the meantime, Rezesova’s family have approached the families of the deceased with an offer of financial compensation, which they rejected. Rezesova has been kept in custody and refused bail.


  1. yet again George is just a wrong blowhard. If you knew anything its about her connections and money and family.
    Anyway the “private expert” is probably someone who already has been paid by the Rezes family to come up with this hogwash….the family also probably paid the TV station some money to even have the interview with this expert aired on the TV.
    However, in the end….the Hungarians will not let this Steel Princess of Slovakia walk. One forgets the animosity the Hungarians have for everyone. Plus the speed limit is 130kph in Hungary last I checked, thus going 200 kph and rear ending another car is not exactly a rock solid defence.
    If this had happened in Slovakia we all know there is an 80% chance she would get off.
    But the Magyars are going to fry her ass and put her in jail for a good 5 years AND SHE DESERVES EVERY SECOND OF IT.

  2. Perhaps it is rather your B.O armpit you can smell Expat , not the smell of money? You comment is right out of line and ignorant . ( no real surprise there then ! ) There are no US Court Case mega bucks to be earned here in Central Europe for `fatal accidents` .

    The Rezesova’s family have, it is reported, tried already to buy off the family of the dead, an approach which has been quite rightly rejected . But , surely it should be her own Insurance company footing any negligence claims ? Does Hungary have a Blood Money scheme as some Arab and Asian counties then?

  3. As soon as you get into the car after a drink, you are now liable for the events to happen!
    An empty bottle of Vodka! I suppose I would drink it if I was watching the poor people I just plowed into burning to a crisp in the car I just rear ended, if I was Slovak! It is just going to be the blame of the car in front….when was this ever a law?
    I accidentally rear-ended a car that swerved into my lane to avoid hitting a bus, and I was the cause of the accident! I was last in line!
    I smell money and so does the family of the deceased! A shame, as money doesn’t bring back the dead! How do you justify what happened?

  4. Words fail me on this article.

  5. ‘she could claim the alcohol in her blood was consumed after the actual accident…’

    Wouldn’t normally comment on an ongoing case but this is the pits. Please, someone tell me this could never be a plausible defence. I don’t know the exact wording of these laws but surely, surely testing positive at the scene of an accident is key. The idea that having a bottle of vodka in the car is somehow less incriminating than not having one is just the depth of cynicism.

    1. it is only a premise James, hopefully will stay that way

    2. James your starting to worry me ….~~~~(You) wouldn’t normally comment on an ongoing case ~~~~ Do you actually think the Hungarian Court or any Public opinion will be swayed by mine, yours or anyone else`s comment on The Daily musesite ??

    3. James,

      As to drinking after the accident it is a dirty trick that some defense lawyers “suggest” their deep pocketed clients to do after drunk driving accidents. I say “suggest” because it is illegal and the lawyer could get disbarred for giving their client that advice.

      Once the alleged party at fault admits to being so upset that they needed a drink in order to calm down it becomes almost impossible for the police to prove the person was drinking and driving.

      I am not saying that its not unethical or immoral but once lawyers get involved is anything?

  6. Doesn’t the police make more alcohol tests /with one hour intervals/ to establish the time of drinking? F.e. after drinking the level of alcohol in blood rises for some time /maybe 4 hours/.
    I believe so. Then she can’t use this excuse.

    Also if she drove 200kph and the Fiat Punto 130kmh it’s like she drove 70kph while the Fian Punto was standing still. It means Rezesova was shortening the distance for 20m/s. The accident happened early in the morning, could be still dark and the accident happened just behind a curve /Fiat Punto had to start the overtaking manouver before the curve/.
    I don’t think Fiat Punto driver can be blamed for this.

    1. Excellent , 100 cowpat words, of stating the bleeding obvious ….

  7. Of Course it was not her fault , she is Slovak and no Slowvak ever takes the blame, it is always someone else at fault , not them. So blame the victims, they were only doing 130 kph not 200 kph as they should …….and the bottle of vodka was for medical reasons ….all Slowvaks carry one of these in the glove box ?

    Put Her in Jail and Just Throw Away the Key !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dude.. being slovak is not the point in this case.. to point is the family she comes from.. do your research…

      1. Dude, it is everything about being Slovak …..have a few working for you and wait for something to go wrong, go missing, not done on time, or a total working cock up ….no Slowvak ever takes the blame, it is always someone else at fault , not them. You can write the self same script each time …..I speak from bitter experience .

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