Roaming Bear Mauls and Eats Dog in Garden

Early Sunday morning a young bear was seen wandering around a highly-populated area of the town of Lucenec, but by the time a police patrol car arrived at the scene with a sniffer dog, the bear had scampered back into a nearby forest.

Slovak brown bear

According to a report by TASR newswire, the bear had been prowling around a children’s playground, and so the local radio alerted residents about the unusual threat.

Veterinarian Jaroslav Cermak said another visit could be expected soon, as the young bear had probably been chased away from its territory by a rival bear.

Mr. Cermak was not wrong, as the bear showed up again yesterday in the nearby village of Velka nad Iplom, where it entered an elderly woman’s garden and then proceeded to maul and eat her dog.

The bear is still on the loose, but local authorities have stepped up efforts to catch it, preferably by tranquilising it and then relocating it somewhere deep in the forest. As is often the case with bears that wander into residential areas, though, force will be used if necessary.

Local residents have been warned to keep their pets inside and not to venture out after dark.


  1. Laszlo, I believe it is a brown bear, the photo was taken in the High Tatras according to the source

  2. Its not brownbear,its a grizzley on the picture….I think

  3. Amazing ….I just whistle and the dog sits and begs . ūüôā

  4. I will George, just for you, after I have completed some news articles.
    Send me some information regarding the project in question. Has the bear lodged an objection to the building permit or the territorial resolution. Maybe the potential development partners could include Jogi, I am sure he would make and interesting and valuable J.V partner. I am sure his sweat equity might carry a high retainer with a serious dividend on completion.

  5. Reading news item may perhaps this may inspire Old Flapper to write a Blog, about the Pro’s and Con’s of being a Brown Bear in Slovakia ?

    On the one side,there is the real desperate need for hundreds of luxury flats, with a supporting 300 room 5*hotel that has an attached sports centre , plus several Multi- Function buildings. All plonked in some of the most beautiful untouched by human hands forest-countryside and with a breathless mountain panorama, so jobs for Slovaks can be created . Yes sacrifices have to be made … some company close to the ruling Coalition . like Penta or J&T can make a absolute mega fortune …..

    Then as a sitting tenant , the male Brown Bear . Who is stopping all this must needed progress and job creation by doing what Brown Bear do to female bears , ie, eats, shoots and leafs ……perhaps he even steal the odd picnic basket as he may be just smarter than the average bear .

    Just a thought anyways ?

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