Robert Fico Grabs Limelight on EFSF and ESM

Head of opposition party Smer-SD, Robert Fico, is possibly missing the limelight of his former post as Prime Minister, as he has taken it on himself to negotiate with all political parties about the future shape of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).


Robert Fico wants the limelight © Tibor Macak -

Fico may be trying to undermine the position of Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, who is also doing the rounds in an attempt to get a parliamentary consensus on the eurozone bailout funds.

Following a meeting with the PM, Fico said he wants to speak to all party leaders about their opinion on the funds, and the proposed increase in Slovakia’s contribution to them. As his party has 62 of the 150 seats in parliament, Fico could rally enough support to get things done his way.

Fico claims that Radicova is powerless as the real power rests with the party heads, and so he says he will now only discuss the issue with them. He has reiterated several times that although he and his party are in favour of the parliamentary proposal concerning the funds, they would only support it if the coalition is united in its stance, or if it at least manages to secure the necessary 79 votes in parliament.

Fico also said that any party not supporting the proposal should be ostracised, knowing full well that the nationalist SNS party and liberal coalition party SaS are both staunchly against the proposal.

The coalition leaders are basically willing to meet Fico, but his approach is being criticised as being hypocritical. Bela Bugar from Most-Hid says he can imagine discussing the issue with Fico, but would like to know what he is really up to.

Head of the SaS party, Richard Sulik, who is adamantly against the latest proposal, would also meet with Fico because of the gravity of the issue, which concerns “national interests”. Sulik admits that it is good for everyone to discus the issue.

The other two coalition parties KDH and SDKU haven’t yet expressed an official stance to Fico’s invitation, but chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for European Affairs, Martin Fronc from KDH, called Fico’s offer contradictory, while others from the SDKU referred to it as “unfortunate” and Fico’s way of politicising the whole matter.

Fico has already discussed the issue also with his old pal President Ivan Gasparovic, who backed the position of Fico that agreement over the whole political spectrum is needed.


  1. Sadly Slovakia does not have a ‘Spitting Image ‘ or good political satire program on TV ………..I think it would be a hoot , as there are some real sad stiffs and pious nutters as Ministers and MP’s . ( Nicolsonsonova and her scary fringe, now with orange hair ! ) Perhaps the Producers are afraid of all the Law Suits the show would attract ….as the program may denigrate ( take the piss out of ) some poor, self important, sensitive, and totally corrupt political persons ‘good name’ ………….

    I mean give me a bung of 10% Slovaks have such good Behaviour and Morals …no ?

  2. This country and the politics , gets ever more bonkers ….I read today …Fico said at yet another of his statesmanlike press jumble sales …”Even though the vote about the EFSF is the most important political decision since the foundation of the Slovak Republic, I am willing to provide backing, only once a majority of votes in the 150-seat parliament is already secured.”

    Huh ? ……so support something, but only after the vote is already secure and decided by the government ? Well there’s nice by him 🙂

    Perhaps got lost in the translation ?

    1. yes, it is a bit contradictory: reported back in May 20111 “the Smer-SD party claimed earlier that it would only support the ESM if the four-party coalition was united, which it is not in this respect”.

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