Roma Offer Election Candidates Votes For Sausages

Many Roma live in squalid conditions (c) Margoz

An unusual case was reported to the police this week in Poprad when one of the candidates themselves announced a case of corruption after a group of Roma offered him their vote in return for favour.

Although the practice of vote-buying has always been present in Slovakia, this time the group approached SDKU-DS candidate Milan Baran saying they could ensure him Roma votes in return for “contributing to sausages for the Roma”. The case of possible election corruption is now in the hands of the Anti-corruption unit of the police in Poprad.

The unknown vote traders had approached Baran a few days ago at an election rally in Levoce and they are believed to come from Žehra and Jablonovo. At that time they said they wanted to speak to him, and so five of them showed up a few days later at his office. Baran refused the illegal co-operation, while the Roma even tried to get petrol money from him for the journey.

A similar case happened also with the SaS candidate Branislav Svec, who has also since filed a criminal complaint.

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