Roma Union Party Contends SNS Racist Billboards

Almost in line with tradition, the pre-election billboards of nationalist party SNS have caused a stir by their racial undertones, among other things, so much so that the Roma Union Party (SRUS) is calling on the SNS party to remove them.

Jan Slota, SNS party (c) The

Head of SRUS Frantisek Tanko says the billboard campaign of the SNS is a direct attack on the Roma minority, and so they are contemplating filing a criminal complaint. The SRUS party was set up last year and is the only Roma initiative to run in next month’s parliamentary elections.

Three billboards angered SRUS in particular, with statements like “How much longer will we pay for the Roma?” or “Matovic wants Gypsies in parliament” referring to how Igor Matovic’s Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party has a Roma candidate on its slate.

Head of the SNS, Jan Slota, commented in typical fashion that he has nothing against Gypsies getting into parliament if they are voted there, and so if there are 150 Gypsies in parliament, then so be it, while noting that there was nothing racist about his stance.

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  1. I take my hat off to Jan Slota.He is the epitome of guile.
    Does he have a policy on unemployment – No.
    Perhaps a party policy on education- No
    How about solving the economic crisis – No
    Well then, how about improving pensions in Slovakia – No
    Is there a plan for improving the health service – No

    A Marvelous strategy of nothingness. His policies are perfect,
    irrefutable even. Those who refer to Jan Slota as being stupid and primitive are missing the point.He is probably the cleverest man in Slovak politics and will probably touch the emotions of enough misguided insecure souls to vote him across the red carpets of parliament once again.

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