RTVS Wants to Sue Former Boss of STV

Following an investigation into public procurements and various contracts at former TV broadcaster STV, the management board of its successor RTVS is filing a lawsuit with the Special Prosecutor’s office against the former director of the television broadcaster, Stefan Niznansky.

The merged broadcaster RTVS suspects criminal activities, with director Miloslava Zemkova saying there was good reason to suspect that Niznansky acted against the economic interests of STV and also breached the rules for public procurement when he contracted a law company.

Zemkova puts the damages incurred by Niznansky’s actions at a minimum of EUR 127,500  directly, although she expects this figure to rise much further due to consequential damages.

Niznansky reacted today by saying the lawsuit would go down in Slovak legal history. The case surrounds a law company chosen for a lawsuit filed by STV against Studio Beta from 2009, with over EUR 26 million at stake for cancelled contracts. STV eventually won the case after almost ten years of being passed around the courts.

Niznansky is astonished that Zemkova wants to sue him, the person who managed to bring the drawn out lawsuit to an end by winning it, saying it was absurd of her and just a way of dealing with her inability to run the new broadcaster RTVS.


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