Russian Airline Cancels Bratislava-Moscow Route

Daily Hospodarske Noviny reported today how Russian airline UTair is cancelling its regular Bratislava-Moscow flights after four years of running the service.

Bratislava Airport © The Daily.SK

According to Bratislava Airport, the airline is cancelling its four flights a week indefinitely in response to the economic sanctions imposed against Russia by the European Union, among others.

The daily also notes how Niki air will not be going ahead with its planned flights from Bratislava to Vienna and onward, which would have made the shortest international flight in the world. The airport says it has no knowledge of Niki cancelling its plans, however.

Ryanair also opened its base here in April, with various new flights on the horizon, including Madrid and Berlin.FlyDubai also recently started flights from Bratislava.



  1. Oh what a shame!
    Until Putin starts behaving in line with what he actually is – the leader of a third world country who use military force to impose their ideals on those who have no interest in being part of a “Greater Russia” then, in my opinion, no democratic country should allow Russian citizens, let alone airlines into their airspace.
    Have we all forgotten these animals shot down an airliner full of innocents? or has almost 50 years of oppression created a mass Stockholm Syndrome?

  2. Russian airlines are in trouble losing money in their own country and taking loans to keep planes in the air now canceling flights which make them money because of sanctions good luck to them

  3. Quite ashame that the route has been chopped, it seemed like an excellent connection to different parts of Russia and the CIS.

    Hopefully another carrier can replace this route soon.

  4. Sometimes there are stories within a story,within a story!!

  5. Sorry for asking Kathleen, maybe its just me but your comments commonly bear no relevance to the topic in question ! Or maybe general trains of thought have moved on in the 10 yrs Ive been absent from the U.K. forgive me.

  6. LOL.better caption. I was foreseeing a hockey arena.

  7. ALready made hockey arena?

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