RWE now among gas suppliers for households

As the supply of gas to the residential segment becomes more enticing for the big gas market players, the latest arrival to this part of the market is RWE Gas Slovakia.

The company stated that the residential segment of the gas market is now showing signs of positive development, citing changes to regulation as a key factor, and so it plans to take advantage of it. It will now start competing with dominant player SPP-Distribucia and other recent arrivals to the segment, including Czech energy giant CEZ.

RWE Gas Slovakia, owned by its German parent concern RWE, will be fighting for customers throughout Slovakia, which it plans to do by offering what it claims is a 12% discount on prices in the beginning. The company has a partner in East Slovakia in the shape of its sister company VSE.

To date the company has been competing on the Slovak gas market for large and small commercials, acquiring 25% and 8% market shares respectively so far.

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