Samsung to take on 1,000 new workers in Galanta

Samsung Electronics announced yesterday that it would be hiring around 1,000 new employees at its Galanta plant in Slovakia in the next few months to expand the production of LCD TV sets, reports the AFP.

After her meeting with the company management in Galanta, PM Iveta Radicova informed that the company would like to see certain changes made to the Labour Code, and also that the company had not requested any investment stimuli from the government for the creation of the new jobs.

The company started doing business in Slovakia back in 2002 and already employs a workforce of 3,000 at the Galanta plant alone, while also having another plant in Voderany that produces LCD modules.

The company projects to produce around six million TV sets this year, but Anton Ondrej from the company’s Communication section admitted to the AFP that demand was still fragile because of the global downturn.

Most TV sets produced by Samsung in Slovakia are shipped out to the likes of Germany, France and Italy, with just one percent of production being absorbed by the local Slovak market.

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