SARIO Aims to Boost Slovak-China Trade

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) organised a conference on Friday to encourage Slovak businesses to promote and develop their activities more with China.

The conference focused primarily on the 110th Canton Fair organised for 15 October this year, with the intention of getting Slovak companies to boost trade with China, in reference to which head of SARIO Robert Simoncic said there was a lot of untapped potential between the two countries.

Simoncic also pointed to how the Canton Fair, which has been organised for over 50 years, was the perfect platform for Chinese businesses to establish new contacts from abroad.

Chinese Ambassador to Slovakia, Gu Ziping, believes the turnover between China and Slovakia should break the USD 4 billion mark in the coming years, as it already reached the level of USD 3.75 last year.

Representatives of both countries see Slovakia’s biggest potential in the provision of green technologies and industrial supplies.

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