SaS and Obycajni ludia kiss and make up

A press conference was held today with the attendance of SaS chairman Richard Sulik and MPs from the Obycajni ludia faction of his party, led by Igor Matovic.

They revealed that an agreement had been made whereby the four members of the OL would give up their MP mandates if they were to leave the SaS caucus during this term of office. Matovic informed that the four OL members had agreed to this so that nobody could now question their loyalty for the current ruling coalition, after the disputes that broke out last week. The agreement was put in writing and signed by all those concerned.

In return the SaS vowed to extend its manifesto demands to include more points submitted by the OL. In his announcement Sulik also informed that PM Iveta Radicova was aware of the agreement. The new points will not be included immediately, but they will be promoted at the first possible revision of the government manifesto. “This promise replaces the original agreement with OL, which, unfortunately, wasn’t respected,” said Sulik at the press conference.

Matovic is aware that it is now too late to modify the Government Manifesto, as it will start to be discussed in parliament tomrrow, 3 August, and so he and his OL partners are willing to wait for the first revision.

When asked about which points may gain the support of the SaS, Sulik mentioned the proposal to make MPs’ salaries reflect proportionately their attendance in parliament, among other things.

Any speculation about the OL establishing its own party are no longer appropriate, added Matovic.

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