SaS announces its plans for state enterprises

Ruling party SaS said today, 13 July, that the coalition parties would decide on the division of management posts in state enterprises at their first coalition meeting.

The SaS is primarily interested in those positions that will help it keep one of its campaign promises, i.e. dealing with the tax credit. In practical terms, this means the SaS will want a say in social insurance agency Socialna Poistovna, the Tax Office, and the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

The party also wants posts in organisations under the jurisdiction of the ministries that it holds, like electricity grid operator SEPS and national regulatory authority URSO.

Party chairman Richard Sulik told reporters at a press conference today that the party didn’t feel that major overhauls were required in these organisations. “The former government also didn’t do so everywhere. Some of the ministers were wise enough not to implement such moves. Almost nobody was replaced initially at the Ministry of Finance, where I worked as an advisor,” he said.

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