SaS MP calls for end to persecution of gays

The issue of gay rights got attention in parliament today thanks to comments of SaS MP Martin Poliacik, when he paralleled persecution of homosexuals to persecution of Christians.

Rainbow Pride, Bratislava 2010 (c)

Poliacik said the SaS party would back the motion of Christian coalition partner KDH that calls for Slovakia’s official condemnation of how Christians are persecuted throughout the world, but that in return they wanted the same in support of the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders, i.e. LGBT.

Poliacik went on to say how he would readily support any anti-violence resolution, but that the same applied to the LGBT community being persecuted, given also that homosexuality is even illegal in many countries. He then pointed out that the government Manifesto speaks about ensuring the rights of gay people, while blaming also the KDH party for blocking any progress in this area.

Rainbow Pride 2010 (c)

Poliacik’s comments were not well received by either KDH MPs or former SaS MP, now independent, Igor Matovic, who commented that the issue could have been dealt with better behind closed doors instead of being spoken out. Almost ironic from someone who is notoriously outspoken.

The parliamentary debate on the official condemnation of Christian persecution and the promotion of religious freedom in the world should take place this week, but just how far Poliacik or the SaS party will push to promote the same for the LGBT remains to be seen.

The timing is right as the second ever Rainbow Pride gay march will be taking place in Bratislava on Saturday 4 June, with last year’s event having attracted a lot of attention and proving quite a magnet for all kinds of extreme sentiments and incidents (see pictures), accompanied by a massive police presence.


  1. Yea right raj , lets all read the Bible ….not !!!!

    If I remember correctly there have been several cases now and ongoing where RC Priests have been caught abusing kids, male and female . The current Pope in his previous job, was the directly involved in doing his best in covering up these abominations …. The Bible is hardly a book to be relied on , as the Priests guide to good living .Really. You could toast crumpets on the heat of your current hypocrisy.

  2. In the only protestant true bible – the King James Version 1611 (all other NIV, NLT, NSAB, RSV etc are Catholic bibles) – God says “Sodomy is an abomination” and tow things should be done with them – (1) drive them out of the country or (2) Kill them. Is God wrong about them – well if you research on the internet – you will find 90% of all children sexually abused are little BOYS – and 90% of child sexual abusers are homosexual people. Pheodophile actually is a misleading term – it means homsexual child rapist. Don’t trust them, help them or stand for them – they are an abomination with one aim – to have sex with children.

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