SaS Party Blocks Building Savings Act ‘By Mistake’

Yesterday 5 MPs of the SaS party of the broken coalition did not vote in favour of the revised Act on Building Savings submitted by finance minister Ivan Miklos, and so the revision will now have to wait until after the elections in 2012 (min. 6 month re-submission period).

Head of SaS, Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

The revision had already been vetoed by President Ivan Gasparovic but parliament was supposed to overturn the veto and pass the bill anyway. Needless to say, the former coalition partners of SaS were not too happy about what happened, while the SaS is saying it was all a mistake.

After the failed vote, head of the SaS Richard Sulik expressed his regret at a press briefing by saying in English “Shit happens sometimes”, pointing to how his party had not planned the vote this way, saying it was caused by confusion over the law. Two of his MPs voted against the law, while 3 abstained.

Sulik assured journalists that his party is working constructively to pass laws that it co-operated or agreed on while the coalition was still on amicable terms, even though relations are now aggravated. Although it may have been a mistake, Sulik did not seem so perturbed at the situation, and even found himself smirking.

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