SaS Party Wants Gorilla in Parliament

The liberal SaS party (Freedom and Solidarity party) is trying to gather the required signatures of 30 MPs to convene a special parliamentary session dedicated to the Gorilla wiretapping affair, reports TASR newswire.

SaS wants debate on Gorilla (c) The Daily

The SaS party itself only has 21 seats in parliament (which includes the Ordinary People faction), but it is confident about rallying enough support from other MPs to have the whole affair debated. The Gorilla affair implies corrupt practices between politicians and financial group Penta under the government of Mikulas Dzurinda (2002-2006) and as Robert Fico took power in 2006.

The affair is also due to be investigated by various bodies, including a special team at the Attorney General’s Office, the Parliamentary Defence and Security Committee and the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee, which will convene today with interior minister Daniel Lipsic and interim attorney general Ladislav Tichy also participating.

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