Scot Survives Death Fall in High Tatra Mountains

Krivan has claimed its victims over the years (c) Selso

Everyone knows how treacherous the Scottish mountains can be, but one Scot was lucky to survive a fall yesterday in the Slovak mountains, falling 150m down a sharp drop.

TASR newswire reported today how the accident happened in the High Tatra mountains yesterday afternoon (2 August) as the man was climbing up Slovakia’s symbolic Krivan mountain. Amazingly, he survived the fall, but suffered heavy bruising and serious injuries to both legs.

The Scot had to be airlifted off the mountain by a helicopter of the Mountain Rescue Service after a Slovak hillwalker reported the accident.


  1. I guess you’re gonna have to go in goal now John….

  2. How can you fall off a mountain when hillwalking ? Me thinks the man had few wee to many drops of the hard stuff in him ūüôā

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