SDKU Party Gets Breath of Freso Air

At the SDKU party congress in Zvolen at the weekend, Bratislava regional governor Pavol Freso was elected as new party chairman, beating rival Lucia Zitnanska by 242 votes to 154 on the second round of voting.

Gone is the era of long-term party figureheads Ivan Miklos, Iveta Radicova and Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The

The third horse in the race, Viliam Novotny, was knocked out in the first round with just 59 votes.

In addition to the post of regional governor and party chairman, Freso is also an acting MP. Speaking on STV, Freso said he had no intention of giving up any of the posts, as it was the voters’ will that he also be in parliament as regional governor. He has offered to give up his MP salary to be used for a legislative team for preparing draft bills.

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  1. Errrr, Given up Salary to be used for a legislative team for preparing draft bills?

    Lesson one Mr Freso Fish, Smer and Bobby have 83 votes and your thoughts and intro of Bills at 6% of the public support, are an total irrelevance for the next four years!

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