Senec Invaded By Rowdy Irish Tourists

The so-called Sunny Lakes (Slnečné jazerá) resort in Senec near Bratislava has its hands full these days as noisy party animals arrive en mass from Ireland.

Sunny Lakes, Senec (c) Wizzard

Vendors at the resort say that the hundreds of Irish tourists who have flocked to the lakes are the noisiest and most aggressive holdiaymakers they have ever come across.

According to website, this morning a brawl broke out involving four of them, one of whom ended up being treated in hospital after slaps were replaced by a knife attack. The attacker fled the scene after slashing the hand of the 23-yr old victim.

The Irish invasion started at the beginning of August and their army now amounts to around 110 caravans full of the hot-blooded Celts, who have quickly acquired a reputation as being a rowdy lot.


  1. Jonny thanks for the comments and feedbck, i am sure as you put it ‘the site is working in that way for people abroad’…

    I live in Zahorie?? Dont think so.. i am a little closer to you than you maybe think! and not a stone throw from Senec ….

    The Daily will come to your neighbourhood???? crazy comment or was it a threat?

    George M: gobsmacked 🙂

    RGod: your funny….. remember what you wrote when your broke and on your way home 🙂 how it happened to me you will be thinking 😉 blbec

    1. That makes no sense to me, sorry Stefan… are you suggesting that all foreigners will leave Slovakia broke or just me? Your xenophobia is obscuring your logic…

  2. I’m gobsmacked 🙂

  3. ‘so many little horny lepricorns trying to get a cheap bj and a cheap pint of beer away from their ugly Celtic lepricorn wives’…?
    What’s your problem Stefan – scared we’re coming over here stealing your jobs and your women?

  4. No obligations Jonny… i tend to like most of the reports coming from you in the ‘Slovak Independent news source’ ‘Slovak’ ‘Slovakia’

    Slovak news in English and so on 😉 get my drift…

    Rioting in the UK … we go to the BBC….

    As muttley quit rightly said ‘Knackers’ 🙂 who cares if the get pissed and stab themselves? the days of the ‘old cheap Au Pairs’ are over! its only time before they head off somewhere else.

    How many people on here checked out Geogia after the visa drop article??? :-))) loads i beat!!! lol

    what Slota & Mikus are up to is great, i like it, the feedback from the comedian night, great 🙂

    will this get posted? ;-)) lol

    1. Stefan, The Daily reports also about anything to do with other countries or people from other countries, because sometimes it is the only source people abroad have to read about it in something not Slovak. Since being launched, The Daily has been contacted by people from abroad who discovered through us that a fatal car crash involved their friend from South America, a former teacher had committed suicide etc. etc. I could go on and on and tell you that a large part of our readership are not in Slovakia at all, which is why we cover stories like the embassies, consulates, business missions, personal tragedies involving foreigners or things abroad concerning Czechs and Slovaks abroad. So I’m sorry if not all the articles fit into your concept of what The Daily is, but they fit into mine, even though not everything might seem so relevant to you, it does to someone. The Irish Knackers? Maybe foreigners in Senec (and elsewhere) would like to know that these guys are running around and that they have a reputation for being violent. I think you live in the Zahorie, so it probably doesn’t interest you personally, but maybe one day The Daily will come to your neighbourhood (;-D)

  5. Is this website sponsored by some paddy?? its all Irish, Irishmen, Ryanair, Irish Party, Irish, Irish?? maybe so much boring news intrests so many little horny lepricorns trying to get a cheap bj and a cheap pint of beer away from their ugly Celtic lepricorn wives!!! ever thought off that Daily?

    1. no Irish sponsorship and no obligation to read

  6. These people are Irish travellers otherwise known as “knackers”. They live outside the law and are a nuisance. They cause trouble wherever they go. Avoid them at all costs.

    1. Irish “Travellers” are Irish gypsies, Irish version of Roma.

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