Shut Down Shops on Sundays Says Trade Union

The old debate of whether shops and other amenities should be forced to remain shut on all public holidays and even on Sundays has popped up again as some trade unionists from the retail and tourism sectors are demanding that the new government deal with the issue, TASR newswire reports.

At present all shops have to close on religious holidays at Easter and Christmas, for instance, as well as other days like New Year’s Eve. This is not the first time trade unions have been fighting for their members to have extra days off, as they tried but failed to push through the same proposal under the former government.

The main argument for having shops closed on Sundays is that over 80% of people working in shops are women, and so the unionists want families to be altogether at least one day a week.


  1. i think most women are happy that they can go to work and earn some money these days. sitting home with drunk husband watching football or hockey doesn’t make them happy either. So trade union first ask what the women really want

  2. @Marek: I don’t know if this is sarcasm or the truth…. But when I buy something in Slovakia for cunsumption, I know the date on the package is the date it should not be consumed after, not the sell by date!

    Why Marek??? Not MARK??? So Slovak in your ways???

    Smile, we all have our roots, all live here in Slovakia, so lets have our fun!

  3. totally weird. bad enough i have to shop at lidl (since it’s actually them that have the highest quality veggies available- fully sprayed with plenty of pesticides) and seeing there’s hardly and creative choice available for anything in this country, now there’s pressure to even shut the likes of lidl down. gaaahd.

  4. Shops open on a Sunday? Over here in the east, the entire city closes at noon on Sarurday and then they wonder why its a ghost town. Only the big supermarkets and part of our “shopping centre”are open.The tourist info centres never open on a weekend or bank holidays. My neighbour runs a very expensive sports shop and is always pleading poverty but when I suggested he opens on a Saturday and closes one day a week you would have thought I had taken a dump in his coffee.
    If the demand is there and the workers are paid appropriately let them open 24/7.

  5. mmmm , actually I am not for 24/7 hour shopping, but not on any religious grounds . In the the UK this Sunday opening hours has had mixed results, although, I except most people in the UK tend to shop over a weekend, but not in 8-4 working Slovakia . I believe there are a few days a year , where shops could close, so the family could spend a holiday time together . However, there are some people that would be happy to work on Holiday days for extra pay, all I object too is people being forced to work on bank holidays by some employer , in some concocted contract agreement on the threat of the sack .

  6. 24-7 is no longer for the 7-11 in the US…. open your doors, let me buy my goods and find people to work the off hours so I can!
    Too many people would offer to work these hours… time and a half for nights and double time for bank holidays…this is a standard! ADOPT IT!!!

  7. No Way! They should be open everyday.

    All families find it difficult to get time together regardless of whether they work in retail or not. Closing on Sundays wont fix anything.
    How many part-time workers are there here in SK? Maybe this is the answer?
    Full-time during the week, Part-time over the weekend.

    Problem solved. NEXT!

  8. No wonder trade unions have no influence in Slovakia with archaic crap like this.

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