Simon Ashamed of MPs Protecting Retail Chains

The attempt of agriculture minister Zsolt Simon to put the so-called “Shame Boards” outside retail chains that have breached hygiene or safety conditions has failed to make it through parliament.

Simon: not happy with retail chains (c) The Daily

Simon put the failure down to coalition parties SaS and SDKU, saying they bear the responsibility for it, while claiming that they were put under pressure by lobby groups. He said that is their fault that the government and his ministry are now in a position where they cannot protect consumers.

Simon’s proposed revision to the Food Standards Act would have meant retail chains would have to publicise the negative findings of food inspectors so that customers could see them. If he wants to try to push through the idea again, he will now have to wait the obligatory six month period before resubmitting it.

Simon made it clear that anyone buying produce past its shelf-life should turn to the MPs that voted against the revision, as they are responsible for making it possible. Simon is disgusted that some MPs have put the interests of business lobbies before the health and consumer rights of citizens.

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