Simon Wants 60% Domestic Produce on Domestic Market

On Friday, agriculture minister Zsolt Simon met up with ambassadors of other EU countries to discuss common agricultural policies within the EU and future co-operation.

Agriculture minister Zsolt Simon (c) The Daily

The event at the agricultural co-operative in the village of Dolny Stal was organised by the Hungarian Embassy and saw the various countries exchange the experiences they have had with the EU agriculture policy and what they feel should be done in future.

At the meeting, minister Simon outlined his plan to have Slovakia sell as much as 60% of its own produce in Slovak shops, with the premise that the domestic market should belong chiefly to domestic producers.


  1. If I may recommend a supermarket in Slovakia , I find Billa on Bajkalaska by the Holiday Inn not a bad place , with lots of choice etc ….the other Billa someone may be close too, are not so fortunate in my view .

    As for country hopping , Hainburg market shops have gone down hill in my view, but the Billa in Kitsee, near where I live is not bad ūüôā

  2. Yes G, well aware of all that. The report was by the GfK Slovakia agency, but it was in ‘co-operation’ with a project called Quality From Our Regions (supported by the Trade and Tourism Association – ZOCR).
    In any case, the actual origin of foods can be distorted (see:
    I’m also aware of the inferior quality of goods shipped here, which is why we hop across to Austria sometimes:

  3. What was the source of that report John ….the Slovak Farmers Union perhaps ??

    I hear this sort of thing all the time world over , and how people would buy local or bio products, even if they cost more ….and just dont !!!. Just go to Tesco and see how the boxes cheap 2-3 grade apples sell out ….over the more better quality and expensive kinds . OAP’s with bags and bags of then

    The fact is, Slovakia is a dumping ground for 2,3 and 4 grade veg and fruit, so no wonder Slovaks cannot tell the difference ….

  4. According to a recent report, about one-third of people in Slovakia find it hard telling the difference between Slovak and other products. Even so, some 84% say they check the country of origin and 72% are willing to pay more for local produce.
    As many as 93% want Slovak products to be better indicated in shops and for more Slovak products to be on offer.

  5. OK do understand that most Slovaks just eat the same 6 basic vegetables for the pot and buy poor chewy, fatty, cuts of pork and beef to made a ‘stewing style ‘ with paprika added everything, so nothing ever tastes very different . But there must be some out there that would like a nice tender fried rare beefsteak, a lean grilled pork chop,or lamb cutlet and all montaged with a pleasant wine based sauce and side dish of runner beans, fresh asparagus and other summer vegs ? Ever tried to get decent salad leaves , that in not rotting or tastes in Slovakia ?

    Given the dreadful quality of Slovak food , lack of consumer choice in most shops and sky high prices that Slovak farmers want for the current crap ……no chance or the 60% imho .

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