Slota Angered Over Emission Sales

Head of the nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, is claiming that the Ministry of Environment is selling Slovakia’s emission quotas on the cheap, saying they could be sold for three times as much, TASR newswire reports.

Angry SNS head Jan Slota (c) The

The ministry is selling the emissions at a mere EUR 2/ton, but Slota claims that it could get EUR 6 per ton if making the transaction according to a contract signed by SNS nominees while they ran the ministry back in 2006-2009. Ironically, the PM at the time Robert Fico stripped the party of the ministry over the dubious sale of emissions using an intermediary.

The disputed contract  with the company Interblue Group was subsequently cancelled and ended up in legal disputes, but Slota says that if the contract hadn’t been terminated Slovakia could have sold its emission quotas at a much higher price.

Now the market with emissions is not so lucrative, and Slota thinks we will be lucky to get even EUR 2 per ton. Slota feels a lot of damage has been done as a result and that the whole scandal was blown out of proportion.

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  1. `the whole scandal was blown out of proportion` …..the SNS run Ministry sold the emissions quota, worth Millions of Euro to a company , that had its Registered Address as a Garage …..and they promptly sold them on for twice the price and then just trashed the company ?

    BTW John , nice photo of Slota…but dont you have one of him turning blue ?

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