Slota believes he will get Spisiak’s head

Head of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, who recently made allegations against police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak, said on Monday that he has more serious information that would incriminate Spisiak.

Chief of police, Jaroslav Spisiak

Slota would not reveal what the accusations concerned, only that the affair concerned Spisiak’s links to certain people who are on the other side of the law. Slota announced that he would be disclosing more information in the coming days.

Slota wants to see Spisiak recalled from his post, and is confident that his wishes will soon come true, and that interior minister Daniel Lipsic will no longer cover him.

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  1. Why does Slota look so much like Jozef Tiso, Hmmmm interesting. What a nice man. This M.P impunity thing is a joke. Its a disgrace in fact. Why do the Slovak people allow this throw back from the good old day….

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