Slota Condemns Idea of Hungarian Jets Over Slovakia

As expected, the SNS is up in arms at the proposal announced yesterday by defence minister Lubomir Galko to allow Hungarian fighter jets to fly over Slovak airspace or any other kind of military co-operation with ‘the Magyars’ south of the border.

Angry SNS head Jan Slota (c) The

SNS chairman Jan Slota called the very idea of such co-operation “sick”, saying that it is an attempt to dismantle Slovakia’s defence capabilities. His party will therefore motion a vote of no confidence in Galko should the proposal be pushed through, reports TASR newswire.

Slota said Galko should give up the idea altogether and return to his job in a hypermarket, indicating that he is more suited to that job than defending Slovakia. Slota feels that Galko is undermining the importance of protecting Slovak airspace, while pointing to what he called “tense relations” between Slovakia and Hungary.

Slota also made reference to how Hungary was playing with the idea of ignoring the Treaty of Trianon, which in 1920 set out the borders of Slovakia and other countries surrounding Hungary after World War I.

Slota finds the whole idea of letting Hungary be involved in Slovakia’s internal affairs alarming, backing his argument with the recent comments made by the Hungarian parliamentary chairman Lazslo Kover that military action against Slovakia was feasible if necessary.


  1. Just a problem with your own adding up then James ..?

    Going a bit native, been here too long, starting to blame others for your mistakes?

  2. Let me help you James ….5% Vote SNS , 40% vote Fico , 4 % Meciar , 10% The Pope KDH … and 45 % of the entire nation of planks even do not bother to vote at all, and after all those years of voting yes , for a one party State !

    Hardly a mathematical leap ….more country drowning in apathy .

    BTW , how is my maths doing now ?

    1. I really didn’t want to turn into a Maths Nazi George but I think you’ll find that if you add it all up again, you’ll come to 104%. And you haven’t accounted for the SDKU, SaS or the Hungarian parties.

      Retakes are in August. See you then.

      1. Not a Maths teacher then James ??

        1. Persish the thought, I hated the subject. Your problem might not be maths as such, it’s failing to distinguish between (say) 5% of all people choosing SNS and 5% of those who did actually vote choosing them.

          In other words, it’s a syndrome of the modern age ; ‘banging ‘post comment’ button before fully engaging brain’ and it can mean that a point of view rather loses its meaning.

  3. It’s depressing that the man even exists, more depressing that he calls himself a politician and tragic that as many as 135,000 people vote for him. No problem with all that, or indeed with the description of him as a ‘drunken thug, thief and cretin’

    But it takes something of a mathematical leap in the dark to get from there to ‘80% of Slovaks’.

  4. yea , yea, yea lets all flag wave and sing the national anthem. Make up tales of Slovak war time heroics ? Where in a 1944 National Uprising and where the Russian were now winning against the Germans, having supported and collaborated the with the Nazi party for many years to save their own necks, their Slovak dads army got lost in there own woods and were of coursed slaughtered .

    ….The worrying thing is that 135,000 Slovaks vote for this drunken thug, thief and cretin. He still gets rich on this alarmist crap . And some here wonder why I believe that 80% of Slovaks have an IQ, even less than even a plank of wood .

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