Slota fears Hungarian expansion

Chairman of national party SNS, Jan Slota, is up in arms about the attitude of the government toward our Hungarian neighbours as he feels a threat from them.

At a press conference today, Slota said the Slovak executive was “servile and submissive” in terms of how it deals with Hungarian policy. He feels that the Hungarians are up to something and Slovakia is not being demanding enough.

Slota is getting agitated about recent comments of Hungarian PM Viktor Orban as he touched on the possibility of ignoring the Trianon Treaty and arranging Europe differently.

“We’re weaker than the weakest. The more concessions we make, the worse we’ll end up,” warned Slota, according to TASR news wire.

Slota sees a strong threat in the fact that Hungary is offering citizenship to all ethnic Hungarians, no matter where they live, and is now playing with the idea of giving them the right to vote. He pointed out how those in power in Hungary are making no secret about trying to ignore the Trianon Treaty, which would then lead to territorial disputes with its neighbours.

Slota also noted how Orban had recently said that he would not condition the abolition or amendment of the Trianon Treaty to respecting current borders with its neighbours. This is a serious statement in today’s Europe, which is why Slota is demanding that the Slovak government take such comments into account and take action.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is refusing to react to Slota’s statements.

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  1. This man seems like a paranoid wreck. It amazes me how he is still in Slovak politics.

    Good for a laugh though.

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