Slota Feels Placement of Stefanik Statue Stinks

Slota wants pride of place for Stefanik at BA airport (c) The Daily

The Slovak nationalist party SNS is not happy about the placement of a statue of revered Slovak politician M. R. Stefanik at Bratislava Airport, which is named after the Slovak hero as the airport was built on the site of his fatal plane crash.

Head of the SNS party Jan Slota is complaining that the statue has been situated too near the public toilets, calling it undignified and proof of the bad attitude of the current government towards Slovak historical figures and history.

In a written statement, Slota declared that Stefanik had done more for Slovak statehood than the current government could manage in 20 years, while calling for the sculpture to be relocated to a more visible position at the entrance to the airport departures hall.


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    Tell me again , what did Stefanik actually do, other than star gaze ???

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