Slota: Hungary Could Have Military Conflict With Neighbours

Nationalist party SNS is disturbed by statements made recently by Hungarian Deputy PM Zsolt Semjen on the issue of dual citizenship and other rights being offered to ethnic Hungarians in other countries.

Jan Slota (c) Tibor Macak - The Daily

Head of the SNS Jan Slota said that his fears have been proven right as Semjen mentioned how in addition to acquiring Hungarian citizenship and being able to vote in Hungary, ethnic Hungarians abroad could also now be given the right to be elected to Hungarian bodies.

Given the alleged expansive policies being witnessed in Hungary since Viktor Orban got into power, Slota is now also admitting the possibility that Hungary could find itself in military conflict with its neighbours. Slota’s SNS party has started rallying support from neighbouring nationalist parties, signing a Memorandum of Friendship with the like-minded Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) yesterday, for instance.

Earlier Slota noted how Budapest has started “reaching out its dirty paws” also to Austria in reference to how the Hungarian parliament wants to look into how the Hungarian ethnic minority is being treated in Austria. Slota also took a swipe at Slovak PM Iveta Radicova for being too amicable in her approach to what is happening in Hungary, saying she is not defending the interests of the Slovak people.

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  1. Yawn yea , yea yea …twice a year and at election time, the Slota ‘not defending the interests of Slovaks card’ is played . Shame he did not think of Slovak interests when selling half price Slovak items to a lock up garage called InterBlue …

    Nice cup of coffee made by my punkawalla this afternoon and with a nice cake , yummm !

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