Slota: Hungary inciting military tension in CEE

The Hungarian question is rearing its head again in Slovakia as Hungary prepares to amend its Constitution, with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing its concerns.

Does Viktor Orban have a secret plan?

In a statement issued yesterday, the Foreign Ministry said although it respected the sovereign right of every country to set out its own constitution, it expected Hungary to adhere to its international commitments and obligations, and work towards good neighbourly relations.

The Ministry made it clear that Slovakia is responsible for its national minorities by way of its own constitution, and for ensuring that their rights are protected. The statement also outlines how Slovakia respects bilateral relations and international law in this respect, and that on principle Slovakia is against other countries trying to interfere with its sovereignty.

Head of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, also issued a statement yesterday that it plans to put a motion to parliament regarding the activities of the Hungarian parliament. Slota claims that Hungary could even be getting ready for military action in an attempt to restore the former territory of the Kingdom of Hungary, which encompassed a large part of south Slovakia.

Slota’s claim is also based on the fact that compulsory military service might be reintroduced in Hungary, something that he says proves it is “getting ready for war”! Slota is concerned about the recent award of dual citizenship and voting rights to ethnic Hungarians abroad, which he feels is the first phase of this master plan.

Slota’s SNS party is calling for stronger action from the Slovak government and parliament to involve all respective European institutions to halt and condemn the activities of the current Hungarian government, led by Viktor Orban from the Fidesz party, as they are inducing military tension in Central Europe.

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