Slota Predicts Eurozone Collapse and Border Friction

Head of nationalist party SNS Jan Slota is predicting the catastrophic collapse of the eurozone within six to nine months and is calling for Slovakia to brace itself for the consequences.

Jan Slota, SNS (c) The

At a press conference today, Slota laid out the eurozone scenario he sees as most likely in the near future, pointing also to a serious threat to borders, naturally with specific mention of the archenemy Hungary.

Slota is demanding that the Slovak government be ready to deal with such a scenario, underlining the pressure the euro is under. Earlier this year Slota called for the old Slovak koruna to be revived just in case.

On the favourite subject of Hungary, Slota’s biggest gripe concerned the recent decision of PM Viktor Orban’s cabinet to bestow election voting rights also on ethnic Hungarians abroad. Slota feels the impact on Central Europe could be immense, also with possible aggressive attacks from Hungary over the disputed territory laid down in the Treaty of Trianon after World War I.

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