Slota Refuses To Admit to Drunk Driving

Former head of the Slovak National Party (SNP) Jan Slota, who was charged by police in May for being under the influence while driving, is refusing to own up to the offence and so could end up doing time.

Jan Slota, former SNS party head (c) The Daily.SK

Slota, who until the 2012 elections enjoyed MP immunity and acted accordingly, is apparently still convinced he can pull off his magic and walk away without punishment for posing a threat with his drunk driving.

If Slota were to admit to the charges, his punishment would be more moderate, but now he could face up to a year in jail, writes SME daily today. The District Prosecutor in Cadca will now decide on the police charges with some development expected by the end of June.


  1. “upto a year in jail”! Oh yes! I forget, thats what is written in the paperback law book. No room for commen sense to prevail here. Let’s see what happens in real societies with real law and order – failing to obey the police instruction to stop 5k fine + 3 months nick, failing to give a sample breath, blood and urine for each sample refused – 5k fine + 6 months nick, obstructing the police 5k fine and 3 months nick, ( No doubt Jan the Man was gobby to the police) 5k fine and 6 months nick for each outburst. The drink driving charge? he was stopped before when he was imune but that should be on record so counts as a second offence 5k fine, 6 months nick, three year ban, has to retake his test after alcohol counseling and a clear blood test. If I was the beak I would impose all sentences to run one after the other, fine him the max and award the crown full costs.

  2. Just waitin for the `Bill Stickers` is Innocent signs to start to appear around Zilina walls and advert boards ….

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