Slota speaks against gas connection with Hungary

Head of the nationalist SNS party Jan Slota has spoken out against the bilateral agreement on the construction of a gas interconnector between Slovakia and Hungary to be signed today in Bratislava by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and PM Iveta Radicova.

Slota said today that dealing with Slovakia’s energy security issue by signing an agreement with Hungary is a mistake. TASR newswire quotes him as saying: “The Slovak National Party is aware of the importance of energy security, but we don’t think there is a need for such high-profile meetings for the sake of a single pipeline and for signing documents signed with Hungary, because gas could be brought also easily from Poland”.

Slota pointed out that in an emergency situation Slovakia would now be dependent on Hungary instead of Ukraine, which was the problem in the first place.

Slota feels that the frequent visits of Hungarian dignitaries is provocation at a time when tension between the two countries runs high.

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