Slota spits at parliament saying it’s no longer Slovak

Controversial head of the nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, expressed his disgust at parliament by spitting at it yesterday with the exclamation that it is no longer a Slovak institution.

photo (c) Tibor Macak - The Daily

Slota’s recent display is linked to the parliamentary debate on the Minority Languages Act, which was submitted by Rudolf Chmel from ethnic Hungarian party Most-Hid. Slota hurled abuse at everyone in parliament, before denouncing parliament outside.

Among other things, Slota is not happy with the new population threshold set for the use of minority languages in official communication, which was dropped to just 15% from the previous 20% mark. This means that people in a municipality with a 15% minority can use their minority language in official communication if they want.

Head of coalition party SaS and parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik was not amused, and said that maybe Slota should be more active in parliament instead of shouting about it outside. “Anyone can spit!” concluded Sulik.

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