Slota takes a punch at Hungary’s EU presidency

Leader of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, has taken another swipe at Hungary, questioning its ability to hold the EU presidency, which it took over from Belgium on 1 January 2011 for one year.

Slota said the SNS party had strong doubts over Hungary’s economic or political ability to preside over the EU, calling it a “Billy Goat in the garden of the EU”. He expressed the opinion that Hungary was unstable, noting that it was the first country to beg the EU for aid when it got into economic troubles.

Slota and the SNS party are also strongly concerned about how Hungary deals with minorities, for example. Slota said that Hungary should be careful about its actions with the EU presidency.

Slota sent a warning to the Hungarian government, saying how he would be keeping an eye on it from “right across the border”, to make sure it did not abuse its position in the EU presidency post.

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