Slota to stand down and make way for Belousovova?

Surprising information has been revealed from inside the nationalist party SNS saying current SNS chairman Jan Slota has decided not to run for re-election as the party head on 12 September, the date set for the next party congress.

After the disappointing results in the 12 June parliamentary elections, Slota offered to resign if a majority so wished, but in the end a decision was put off until the party meeting in September.

The latest information now claims that Slota is now not willing to put his name forward for the post of party chairman and that he is content merely representing the party in parliament.

Neither Jan Slota nor vice-chair Anna Belousovova would comment on the information. Belousovova is the strong favourite to replace him in the post, but she said she would not comment until she had spoken to Slota once he returns from his holiday in Croatia.

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