Slota Warns of Greater Hungary Ambitions

Recent moves by Viktor Orban’s government regarding the right of Hungarians abroad to gain citizenship and vote, issues that have been at the centre of friction between Slovakia and Hungary for the past year, have once again got the hackles up of Jan Slota, head of nationalist party SNS.

Angry SNS head Jan Slota (c) The

Slota called the recent vote by the Hungarian parliament to allow ethnic Hungarian’s living abroad to vote in the parliamentary elections as shameful, especially as the move was opposed throughout Europe. He says it just proves what his party has been claiming all along, that the objective is to annex the south of Slovakia into Greater Hungary.

Slota therefore called on the government to wake up or the country would otherwise see a repeat of the situation in 1938-39. He said the government should stop collaborating with Budapest and even with coalition party Most-Hid.

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