Slota’s Plans for Koruna Return

Jan Slota, SNS party (c) The

Controversial SNS leader Jan Slota announced his plans for Slovakia together with deputy Rafael Rafaj after the party leadership meeting. Slota hopes his measures will adequately prepare Slovakia financially should they be forced to return to the Slovak Koruna.

He revealed a 16% flat tax rate, sure to be popular, and an increase in pensions as part of his masterplan to put a spring back in the step of Slovakia’s taxpayers.

Slovakia will be better prepared, they say, when the eurozone meets its demise if SNS are part of the ruling coalition following the 10th March elections.

They also spoke of their support for the broad-gauge railway, believed by some to threaten Slovak workplaces at the Dobrá bulk terminal.

Through tax cuts pledged by SNS, an extra 300 EUR would line the pockets of each inhabitant. On pensions, Jan Slota boasted, “SNS will develop every effort to increase the lowest pensions by at least EUR 100”. Just how public services are to improve in Slovakia through these measures, though, is anyone’s guess.

Even with the EUR 343 million from improved VAT collection and the EUR 350 million through 10%  taxation of dividends of private individuals envisaged by Rafaj, the numbers just don’t add up. ‘Within two years’ is when we should expect the collapse of the eurozone according to Slota, “and so we will do our best to be prepared for switching back to our national currency and maybe also for the end of the eurozone,” he added.



  1. BTW James is Dano , on or off his pills at the mo, do you know ? ….I would hate to responsible for a nervous breakdown when I mercilessly take the pee out of him .

  2. SITA: In the event of its election success the SNS would not say “no” to cooperation with any Slovak political party. “We are willing to discuss with everyone except for Hungarian political parties that have nothing in common with a positive relation to Slovak statehood and Slovak sovereignty,”

    1. ..errr right , so did the SNS & Co not realize they joined the EU several years ago, gave up sovereignty ( fiscal and government ) or was that girl mooning to me from a SNS poster, their slogan for positive relation to Slovak statehood and Slovak sovereignty ?

  3. Didn`t the Mayor of Martin get the `most transparent Council award `?

    I think this SNS lot are struggling to get to the 5% vote, the he needs to stay in Parliament , and if so , Slota looses his MP protection . I get the feeling an exit from his beloved Slovakia is due and he will have a long,long restful holiday at the Villa in Croatia ….along with his cruiser, chopper, plane and the Bentley . None of which he owns of course .

    1. Didn`t the Mayor of Martin get the `most transparent Council award `?

      Yes – and for a small(ish) town, it does give an air of being well-run and of things going on. More good reasons for Slota (at least in his twisted mind) to heap vulgar abuse on its mayor.

  4. ‘He must be saving all this for the last two weeks before the Election?’

    Or perhaps not. He also said the people of Martin should spit on their mayor and kick him up the arse for throwing in his lot with Most-Hid.

    I don’t know about the rest of his address but these parts were Slota being as primitive as ever.

  5. What no talk of Slovak tanks , the nasty Hungarian Hun SMK, floating army bridges across the Danube, the impending invasion by the Jobbik storm poopers, Lorraine crosses and flags being placed on the entry and exit of every Slovak village and how his party will save everywhere south of Galanta from becoming a Magyer puppet race .

    He must be saving all this for the last two weeks before the Election ?

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