Slovak Arrested in Brussels for Terrorism

The security staff at the European Parliament in Brussels got a bit of a shock yesterday when a 32-yr old Slovak man dressed in camouflage clothing, causing them to evacuate the building after they discovered his car was parked nearby.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

The man entered the European Parliament building and demanded to speak to the head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. The police soon arrested him, then evacuated the administrative building and visitors’ centre of the EP in the fear that his car could be rigged with a bomb. The police eventually found a firearm and a chainsaw in his car.

The man is now being charged with illegal possession of a firearm and terrorism charges.


  1. Why wear camoflage in a city?

  2. Very good question Slim.
    I think the FP were very wrong charging him 160 euro and wrong saying that he had to carry his passport and RC at all times. Our local FP are pretty switched on but by all accounts some offices are full of clueless dunces.
    I believe that you have to present your passport to make a change to your RC, the info on the website changes with the tides and apparently is subject to local interpretation by the FP clowns.
    Golden rule here – If you are required to make any official contact with any national or local government agency take every document you possess – it will save you time and shoe leather!

  3. When I travel overseas I carry Driver I’D plus passport.Perhaps a sign of the times?

  4. i hope he had his passport!!!!
    A friend of mine recently went to the foreign police to change his registered address, when asked for id he showed only his residency card (R.C), they said ‘penalty 160 euro’ they told him he should carry both R.C + passport ! So why do we need an R.C then ? comments please…

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