Slovak Brain Drain Slows in Wake of Crisis

Daily Pravda writes yesterday about the brain drain from Slovakia and how the economic crisis has slowed down the outflow of Slovak experts from the country.

According to statistics cited by the daily, around 160,000 Slovaks flew the coup to look for greener pastures abroad in the affluent pre-crisis days of 2007, while just 100,000 made the move this year.

Many of those who went abroad in the past five years are also starting to return, as jobs become scarcer in the most popular destination countries, like debt-stricken Ireland and Italy.

The most popular destination, though, continues to be the Czech Republic, which soaked up around 43% of all emigrating Slovaks this year.  Next in line is Austria with 29%, Germany with 9.8% and Hungary with 8.1 %. The UK comes in fifth, being the destination of 7.8% of emigrating Slovak graduates.


  1. So that’s 260,000 all in, or 5% of the population, heck is there an brain left to drain.
    Obviously, those , aggrieved by, not able to, or not wel connected enough, to get a their snouts in the public trough.

    1. Not much brain comes to SVK from abroad either. We are doomed.

      1. Loghead , I was waiting for your totally i`ll informed comment here . I guess you were the pipe sludge, when your brain was soaked up abroad ? BTW. Another friend you have, this time Hungarian and working in China ? Must be like watching paint dry when you two have a conversation, no ?

        Kindly name me ONE Slowvak Company that has been successful outside of Slowvakia .?…From what I can see it is all those non SVK, and imported brains from abroad that employs most of you local lap dogs at 3.50c an hour?

        1. I wasn’t talking about foreign investments. I was talking about people like you. You didn’t get it? Brain problem?

          1. Loghead, there is no actual cure for your kind of utter stupidity .

            QED …your doomed !

  2. The headline `Brain Drain` does infer that someone with a Brain, has actually gone down the drain and QED , left ( or flew the coup ) this land of milk and honey, for pastures new.

    The fact is, most Slowvaks just go aboard, earn enough to buy a flat in some godforsaken part Slowvakia of 20 miles east of Bratislava and then go on the dole here, or happy to earn 500 euro a month just picking blackhead from their bum .

    BTW, just off to do my `soakin up` for the evening .

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