Slovak Cardinal Tomko in “Vatileaks” Commission

Slovak Cardinal Jozef Tomko will make up part of the special commission of cardinals set up by Pope Benedict XVI to investigate the so-called “Vatileaks” scandal, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

Internal turmoil at the Vatican (c) Greudin

The commission will be headed by Spanish Cardinal Julian Herranz, and in addition to Tomko will include Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgio from Italy. A preliminary meeting of the council was held this week to plan out the commission’s activities.

The commission will be looking into corruption allegations involving Vatican officials, and is over and above a separate criminal investigation that is underway.


  1. yeah guide his work and guide the money to the right hands ūüôā the ones that need it the most

  2. Cardinal Tomko is blessing. Both Pope J.P.II and Pope BenedictXVI are close friends to Cardinal Tomko. May God guide his work…

  3. With the extraordinarily high level of corruption amongst his Slovak parishioners he is clearly a man of insight, inspiration, and knowledge ideally suited for such a “holey’ task.

  4. Blimmy, this rather like giving the keys to the nut house, to mad, retarded inmates ….

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