Slovak Couple Flee UK Social Services with Their 3-mth Baby

A Slovak couple fled the United Kingdom with their 3-month old baby last week in a swift and dramatic getaway from the UK Social Services, as they headed back to Slovakia with just one suitcase, leaving most of their belongings behind.

According to the latest report of TV Joj, the parents of 3-month old Rebecca decided not to take any chances and ran home to take refuge in Slovakia, which gives them much more legal protection than if they had stayed in the UK. Their concerns began after they took the baby to hospital, where she was found to have a broken collarbone. The hospital then got the police and social services involved, and kept the family there.

Second protest in front of UK Embassy about social services system (c) TheDaily.SK

The parents eventually had to go to court, where they said that the designated lawyer was “terrible” and that they were not allowed to speak. The judge let the parents take the baby home until the hearing the following day, which is when they took the standard advice of many of the opponents to the alleged overzealous actions of social services, i.e. flee the country as soon as they start showing interest.

Early in the morning, the parents took what they referred to as the most difficult decision of their life as they had also been asked to hand over their passports. According to TV Joj, social service officers showed up shortly after the family had gone.

The police sent out an APB, trying to catch up with them at the airport, but unsuccessfully. The couple are now back in Kosice and now the social services in the UK can do what they wish, because the final decision about the young family’s future now rests with social services in Slovakia.


  1. Very sensitive article but interesting to see how different both counties are to one another regarding innocense.

  2. Two class news items from last nights JOJ drivel.
    A young boy left in the care of elder sister torches home. (“White”) family with NINE kids living in a three bedroom hovel – now have no home. Who said overcrowding does not happen in Slovakia?

    Grandparents find grandchild with multiple injuries inflicted by father – mother disappeared three weeks ago without a word. Where were the CP agencies? Never happens in Slovakia?

    1. It seems that over 2000 Slovak children are receiving welfare benefits from the UK social system even though they have never even been outside of Slovakia.
      The numbers of Slovaks living in the UK and claiming benefits is estimated at 30,000. The system is of course very bad, for UK citizens that is, who are subsidising the Oligarch Slovak state. Tony Blair is now called the King of Poland perhaps his mandate could be extended to include Slovakia too.

      1. Ale Hodges ….is that dark or pale Ale then Smug ?

        1. You are so astute Arthur

          1. Smarter than the average bear Yogi ! 🙂

  3. An interesting article on JOJ last night about a wonderful Slovak father to be in the UK. High on drugs he held his pregnat Slovak girlfriend hostage, threatening to kill her and the baby with powered tile cutter. It was revealed in court that he had been in court 13 times for 21 other offences since arriving in the UK in 2008. No doubt Mr Smith and others would advise the couple to flee the UK before the SS take their baby. Hopefully they will both be deported and save the UK the problem.

    1. What, that is a what is considered here as a normal DECENT Slowvak family, no ?

  4. “I would predict that what is going to happen in this case is that the SS will go to Slovakian Courts and claim that they have jurisdiction under the Hague and Brussels Conventions.

    They will forge documents with incorrect dates to get this baby back to the UK. They have done this many times in France, Spain and Ireland. Because these cases are secret, very few people ever get to hear about them.

    The social workers should be arrested in Slovakia when they try this, maybe that will stop the insanity in this industry that feeds on children”

    I see somone has already warned of this.

    I forgot tomention they will also come with forged documents which is very common, and even court orders post-dating the families departure.

    The Slovaks should arrest the British SS for conspiracy as it would go a long way to resoving these matters.


    1. Mr Smith
      Once again we are subject to your self promoting drivel.
      Forged documents? Please site one proven incidence of this activity, if you can’t then stop posting your outrageous allegations. If, as you claim, you offer advice and support to families in these circumstances then I would stongly suggest thet seek that help elsewhere as you clearly have little or no understanding of UK, EU or International Law. Quite amusing that you attack certain laws but then suggest that others should be used to “arrest” people for doing their duty even though that could never happen.

      1. Unhappily it happens REGULARLY along with post-dated court orders, as other people have stated, as the British SS are obsessed with getting these children back to Britain and will and will spend a fortune of public funds trying this.

        No EU law or “International Law” – new one- is involved. Its just every trick is used.

        This is why people in Britain are warning they may show up att Kosice.

        1. The UK SS coming to Kosice for a court case! I hope they bring plenty of sandwiches, piddling cases take years here.
          One bonus is that I SVK courts are open so all the evidence presented will be made public or will it?
          BTW Mr Smith the SVK and UK authorities are working very closely to arrive at a future policy for handling such cases.

    2. Don’t know about arresting the British Social Services personnel, but somebody should lock you up or deport you.

      1. Smug, who do you want deported ?

        1. Arthur old boy don’t be so sensitive, I was referring to Churchill.

          1. Smug, you need to explain yourself , I was just confirming old chap, not being sensitive …gosh I have the bum and the constitution of an old rhino .

            So, Deported? ….Yes harsh, but very fair I think Smug .

    3. George M.
      Your a businessman – do you know of any successful business that allows 93% of its trading stock to sit on shelves until its sell-by date has long passed whilst paying to maintain, educate, feed and house it?

      1. Well here is a first . I am confused DC . What the F@@k are you wittering on about here ? …….93% of its trading stock to sit on shelves until its sell-by date?

        Oh your not trying to give up the weed, by any chance ??????

        1. I am refering to Mr Smiths’ continuing use of the term “adoption industry” when the figures show that less than 8% of children in care will ever enjoy either adoption or foster care. I was trying to establish what other businesses succeed by keeping their “trading stock” on the shelf.

          1. Ah ha now I get it….I do know one company that bought a load2 million quids worth) of a awful Michael Jackson Video and kept them in all stock for a huge publicity launch,and then the twerp got himself arrested for being a pervert, fame died…and the Tape company went bust.

            Sadly, I never knew what happened to the tapes, as after he died from a heart attack, over dose of drugs, or whatever he did die of , I expect theses tapes would have been worth a few bob …although I expect if I had them they would all Betamax versions.

            I had to laugh when I read a news report, that stated in Court ( when they fingered the Doc ) that the Medical Examiner said Jackson was in actually in good health ? ….I always thought he looked a little pale?

        2. This is an argument that has gone on in Britain for 40 years.

          Instead of spending lottsa money on keeping kids in Care we will send them to Forced Adoption, thus saving vast amounts of money from Council budgets.

          The 1973 figures quoted when this started were £5,000 a year to keep a child in Care, £8,000 fees to adoption agency to Forced Adopt them (1973 figures).

          What business can stay trading without a supply of merchandise to satisfy customers and find new sources of supply to meet expanded demand?

          The only source of children for adoption in Britain is from Care.

          This is why attactive babies and small children are taken into Care, vitually all those under 5 are Forced Adopted.

          This is almost certainly what would have happened to this baby.

          1. Mr Smith – I take it from your recent post that you actually subscribe to not taking any children into care or looking after them properly. I am also interested in where exactly you get this figure for adoption fees from. We adopted a child in 1984 and other than our time we incurred no costs at all. I’ve not mentioned this before because I was sure that someone would dig a hole and fall in it – which is what you have done. What about the children abandoned by their parents, very often because of medical problems – almost 1000 last year, do we just leave them to die? Then there is the small matter of children who have been seriously abused – you propose that they should have no life-line, no chance of a safer better future and, even more preposterously you suggest that such parents should have the final say about the children they have harmed. The protection of children is a serious matter, a matter that should be debated within society but it must be a debate based on facts not the fairytales and one-sided drivel you and your like post. You made a prediction in one of your earlier posts which explains much about what you post. You obviously know the full details of every sealed court hearing because you have a crystal ball. You and your fiction belong on a fairground along with all the other amusements.

          2. I just wonder if Winston, was once a Winne ? Would explain all the hormonal excess ?

    4. Don’t worry Churchill, those very nice men in white coats will come to take you back soon.

  5. For the benefit of Slovak readers such flights such as this are common with foreigners living in Britain.

    There have been a large number of cases of parents fleeing with their children before court orders can be made,with the SS and police turning up at the house withinhours of their flight and pursuing themtoa point of exit.

    It is correct all advisory organisations willtellfamilies toflee Britainimmediately.

    Usually the arrogant British courts and SS willtry torecover the children from abroad, receiving the the reply the court is Outside its Jurisdiction.

    However await the sequel as the British SS with lawyers showing up at the Kosice court with British court orders trying to pressurise the judge to return the child toBritain under the Hague Convention and EU Law.

    This has happened again and again.

    Slovak readers would be advised to have their placards ready to rush to the court and stage a demonstration.

    1. ~~~Slovak readers would be advised to have their placards ready to rush to the court and stage a demonstration.~~~

      What it is minus 13C outside, no free hot goulash, no free mind numbing booze and few Slowvaks that have any Social mind, will be in the church receiving their 1000 hell mary`s for all their sins of unpure thoughts in bed last night, with the next doors husband or wife ?

      Lets hope the Brits get the kids back in the UK. Would do wonders for the `hits` on this website, if we have a sequel The UK SS2…the movie .

    2. Mr Smith
      Yet more outlandish drivel.
      ” Large numbers of cases” exactly how many prey?
      ” All advisory organisations” – I think you mean organisations such as your own that actually have their own agendas which are far removed from the protection of children.
      As for the SS coming to Slovakia – you paint a very colourful picture but miss out one, very telling scenario – what if they are coming here to present damning evidence of child abuse to the SVK courts, not as part of some conspiracy but out of genuine concern as to the future safety of the child.

  6. Great stuff guys!

  7. George M you are an IDIOT

  8. For my contrymen interested in knowing more about the part of the UK British history considering “Home children” I suggest to watch the movie: “Oranges and sunshine” made in 2010.

    For our British friends interested in knowing more about the Slovakian holocaust Oscar awarded movie “Obchod na korze/The shop on main street” made in 1965.

    1. Loggie
      Absolute classic. Oranges and Sunshine has been covered earlier – please try to keep up.
      The Shop on Main Street – an excellent film BUT the actions of one compassionate Slovak does not absolve the rest of you from your willing and some cases keen involvement in the Holocaust.
      Tripoli and other such films, quite rightly, highlight the courage of those who fought for the Allies and the partisan forces but I note no film has ever been made about the tens of thousands who happily wore the uniform of the Waffen SS.
      Some films tell a story but no film tells the whole story bit like your dependance on wiki for your extensive knowledge on almost everything. By the way you never answered an earlier question I asked – how did the OSS and SOE Special Forces sent to help the Slovak Uprising end up dead in Munchausen?

      1. Nob, I make cira 400 euro`s a day , just sitting here, posting my crap ….what does your pay check look like at midnight later ??

        Ever thought of a different life style ?

        1. poor georgie…if i’ll earn 400e per day, i won’t be sitting here and make the comments. but there is probably noone who will smooth your ego in the real life, so you’re stick on this site. and you know what? really rich people don’t write about their money, they just enjoy their lives.

      2. Links Grandpa, give us the internet links, not another crap!!

  9. Golden Loggie
    As the only person who has been proven to be a liar on this site you should be careful what you post – policeman – remember?
    You can call me a liar if you wish, I understand that you must be frustrated attempting to find actual facts that contradict what I post. Having to accept your own numerous shortcomings must be a very emotional experience and I empathise with you. It must be very difficult for a person of your cultural background to discover that your not the brightest button on the coat and that your lack of cerebal capacity prevents you from making worthwhile contributions to the topic discussed on this site. I wish I could tell you there is some light at the end of the tunnel but I am afraid, unless there is a miraculous breakthrough in genetic engineering or a donor card carrying chimp dies, your stuck with what little you have.

    1. Harsh , but very fair I feel DC, very fair .

      1. Nice Arthur Daley line George:
        Makes a nice change from your normal Bernard and Chubby

        1. Nothing is original here Smug ……

          …………………..give me link, give me a link 🙂

    2. Links Grandpa, internet links!!!

      1. Nob …ever thought about earning some real money, rather than posting here …you know, buy a Porsche 911, a Bentley, Jeep, a Merc, an Alpha … get a bird that is the envy of every Slowvaks eye ….?

        1. Nice….try to feel better about what you think is worth somethin, but respect is worth more than you earnings!

          You are a typical example of a POMPAS A$$! With the $$ being your own downfall! Who care what you earn, you are not rich in mind! Grow up to your earning… I am glad to not be associated in business with such a person, as I would learn you are out for only yourself!

          Merry Christmas!

      2. Loggie
        I understand that it is Slovak custom to try and get others to do the work while you lot just sit around scratching your arses and dreaming up new excuses and insults but if you care to use Google instead of the weegie board you normally use for searches you will find all the articles on all the matters I have commented on.

  10. Juraj
    You ask where I get my information from, presumably the stuff I use to trash the tripe you and others post.
    You may wish to take notes while I explain.
    If I read something here that I consider to be suspect ( mostly posted by Slovaks but not always), I refer to the National Statistics Office ( SVK has one but they publish very little – State Secrets?). Have checked the published stats, I often refer to the reports of Her Majesties Inspectorates ( Slovakia does not have any such thing) and read their reports on the issue. In an effort to get a balanced view I check the information available from reliable NGOs and pressure groups ( Don’t think the SVK has any of those). I often refer to Judicial Reviews, Public Enquiries and Royal Commissions ( SVK has none of these), sometimes I refer to Parliamentary Select Committe Reports ( You don’t have them in SVK). Sometimes I check the info on special interest web sites. Just in case all my countrymen are being dishonest ( some are) I often cross check with external sources such as the EEC/EU/ NATO web sites. Other useful sources are the various UN Organisations, OECD, The CIA World Watch Reports and the US Library of Congress.
    I have been known to look at your perceived Oracles of all things truthfull and correct, what are they again………. sorry I’m old and my memory……….. Oh yes, you watch JOJ, read the Telegraph and use Wiki……..
    Any more questions Grasshopper?

  11. Losgar,
    Have you ever heard of English people pouring petrol over gypsies and setting them alight. Well my friend Slovaks were cheering in the street when thugs set alight gypsies in Ziar Nad Hronom whilst the police did nothing. Have you ever heard of an English hotel charging double prices for Slovaks,or a bus to Heathrow charging three times more for foreigners as used to happen in Bratislava. Sorry Losgar you are out of order pal and perhaps you should remember the old saying : “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

      1. I can’t wait for your answer clever Alec Hodges..

        1. Elle
          Your link to an article about a film about something that happened 70 years ago has exactly what relevence to the topic of this column.
          The entire history of the UK exporting abondoned children to the colonies needs to be digested with an understanding of the social conditions during the various times when this happened, however you being Slovak and trying to prove something you wouldn’t do that.
          But, while the UK was shipping abandoned kids off around the globe what was this part of the world doing with its children? According to the background papers to a report prepared for the Ionian Conference 2000 by Peter Sykora, Bratislava Comenius University entitled ” Gender based infanticide in Contempary Slovakia” you lot were just killing unwanted kids. Mmmm ….. seem to remember that killing unwanted people happened before in your history.
          How do we know all these awful things happened in the UKs past? because it was recorded by people who could write. Why don’t we know the full details of what was happening here during the same period? Answers on a post card please.

          1. DC, Elle is not a real Slowvak she admitted yesterday …she is a blow up doll , made in Slowvakia perhaps? Anyhow she was complaining as she does not fact check , that she did not like the fact and made nasty threats to me, because I mentioned during the demand from NOB , that we Brits should apologise for something that happened , 50, 75 or 100 years ago that I mentioned that the Slowvaks sent another set of 60,000 Slowvaks to the gas chamber, by arrangement and payment to the Nazi .

            Obviously, it was far worse we tried all that time ago, to give what we thought were orphans a better life, when obviously we should have gassed them in line with Slowvak expectations of the time .

            Sorry JB for rule breaking, but just tryin to keep us all current .

          2. Grandpa, that’s all you can come out with? You found nothing and now you spread lies?

            Post links Grandpa! Links!!! Your made up fairy-tales and half-lies just reflect how desperate you are trying to apologize all the terrible crimes that the UK has done.

            I read all the links posted by other people and I also read the comments under them. There are lots of DECENT people in the UK who have EMPATHY and are not ashamed to show it. You are just a ghost who must lie and do lots of boo-hoos to attract attention.

          3. Tell me Nobhead , what is the English via a Slowvak mind `Decent` person ??

      2. Dear Monika,
        Thank you for drawing attention to this article which I had not read before. Of course it’s shameful that such conditions exist anywhere in the world and I am sure English people would want to take measures to stop it happen in future and express their heartfelt regret. I am not English but I can only say I am very sorry too..

        1. Smug, please dont apologise for me as an Englishman . We actually doing something about it, a joint inspection by HMI Probation, Ofsted and the Education and Training inspectorate has reported .

          BTW. This is an article in the Daily Mail ….the Fox News of the UK ..making known a story of real concern, where there never really was one .

      3. Monika
        Excellent link but you obviously did not read the article did you? Like a moth to a candle you just searched for the most outrageous headline in some purile attemp to score some much needed points, however, you have unwittingly provided some of us with ammunition to fire back.
        The press article is about a report issued by Her Majesties Inspectorate and OFSTED – Slovakia does not have independant inspectorates or monitoring for ANY public function so such a report would never appear here. The article is not an expose, its an example of the UK press bringing the findings of an official public report to the attention of the general public – Please post me a link where your press have brought the findings of a similar official report to public attention.
        The Central and Local Government must adress the issues raised in this report – (ie improve the service), that is a statutory duty.
        Here in Neverneverland Slovakia, you have no inspections, no reports and no action. Do doubt you like so many others on here assume because there are no reported problems in Slovak care homes there are none – I suggest you do some reading of a number of UN/UNICEF/EU/EEC and NGO reports on the state of childcare in this country, they don’t make pleasant reading.
        In short, we identify failings in our systems, publicly report them and take action. In Slovakia you don’t even know if there is a problem and if there is you sweep it under the carpet – so which is the better society? the one that is open, admits its failings and takes action or the one that lives in the dark, in denial and does nothing?

    1. WALOB

    2. Alec
      You stopped to soon my friend.
      Ever heard of a UK council leaving 800 families, with children, with no potable water or sanition for months during one of the hottest summers on record.
      Ever heard of the UK conducting sterilizations of women against their wishes.
      Ever heard of a UK school segregating classes according to ethnic group.
      Ever heard of a UK council forcably relocating people to another area of the country.
      Ever come across any suggestion that the UK had “sold” an unknown number of UK kids to a foriegn country.
      Ever heard of a criminal convicted in the UK not turning up at prison to serve sentence.
      Ever heard of the UK handing a child over to a couple without police checks.
      Ever seen a “baby box” at a UK hospital.
      I could go on, and on, and on………….

      Have a grand Hogmanay. Slainte Mhath!

      1. Links Grandpa, post the links!!!

        1. Post the links to what? All those “Ever heard” in my reply to Alec.
          No need my well read but unretentive Slovak friend – all stories from this very site that you infest. I suppose because the stories don’t cast a very good light on Neverneverland you followed Slovak SOPs and just forgot about them. Typical Slovak.

    1. When will Slowvaks apologise for sending 60,000 Slowvaks to the gas chambers ?

      1. Are you totally insane? You should apologize for this for sure. I am going to send it to Ministry of Foreign Affairs right away and to British Ambassy as well. You will explain this! This cannot be without diplomatic respond!!!

        1. OK Elle, whatever , yawn ……

          Aproximately 60,000 of the 95,000 Slovakian Jews were deported and sent to death camps in Poland before 1942.[3] Then the Slovak government made a deal with Germany for the Jews to be “delivered” in exchange for needed workers for the Slovak National Socialist war economy. After Wannsee Conference, the Germans agreed with the Slovaks proposal and the two parties came to an agreement by which the Slovak Republic had to pay a fixed amount for each Jew deported a fixed amount and in return, Germany promised that Jews were not deported never to return to Slovakia.

          My thanks to Wikipedia.

          1. Home Children

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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            Boy ploughing at Dr. Barnardo’s Industrial Farm, Russell, Manitoba, Canada 1900
            Home Children is a common term used to refer to the child migration scheme founded by Annie MacPherson in 1869, under which more than 100,000 children were sent to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa from the United Kingdom.

            Australia has apologised for its involvement in the scheme, while in February 2010 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a formal apology to the families of children who suffered. On 16 November 2009, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney issued a statement that Canada will not apologise to child migrants.

            [hide] 1 History
            2 Exposure and apologies 2.1 Australia
            2.2 Canada
            2.3 United Kingdom

            3 See also
            4 References
            5 Further reading
            6 External links 6.1 Films

            [edit] History

            The practice of sending poor or orphaned children to British settler colonies, to help alleviate the shortage of labour, began in 1618, with the rounding-up and transportation of 100 vagrant children to the Virginia Colony.[1] Labour shortages in the British colonies also encouraged the kidnapping of children for work in the Americas, and large numbers of children were forcibly emigrated, mostly from Scotland. This practice continued until it was exposed in 1757, following a civil action against Aberdeen businessmen and magistrates for their involvement in the trade.[2]

            The Children’s Friend Society was founded in London in 1830, as “The Society for the Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy through the reformation and emigration of children”. The first group of children was sent to the Cape Colony in South Africa and the Swan River Colony in Australia in 1832 and in August 1833, 230 children were shipped to Toronto and New Brunswick, Canada.[2]

            The main pioneers of child migration in the nineteenth century were the Scottish Evangelical Christian, Annie MacPherson, her sister Louisa Birt, and Londoner, Maria Rye. Whilst working with poor children in London in the late 1860s MacPherson was appalled by the child slavery of the matchbox industry and resolved to devote her life to these children. In 1870 she bought a large workshop and turned it into the “Home of Industry”, where poor children could work and be fed and educated.[3] She later became convinced that the real solution for these children lay in emigration to a country of opportunity and started an emigration fund. In the first year of the fund’s operation, 500 children, trained in the London homes, were shipped to Canada.[3] McPherson opened distribution homes in Canada in the towns of Belleville and Galt in Ontario and persuaded her sister, Louisa, to open a third home in the village of Knowlton, seventy miles from Montreal. This was the beginning of a massive operation which sought to find homes and careers for 14,000 of Britain’s needy children.[3]

            CHILD EMIGRATION TO CANADA The attention of the Dominion Government has been drawn to the fact that the children sent to Canada from England are street waifs and workhouse paupers, and that the professional philanthropists engaged in the work are largely prompted by mercenary and not charitable motives. A demand will be made that parliament should investigate the matter before voting any money to promote this kind of immigration.

            The Star, 18 April 1891[4]

            Maria Rye also worked amongst the poor in London and had arrived in Ontario with 68 children (50 of whom were from Liverpool) some months earlier than McPherson, with the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury and The Times newspaper.[5] Rye, who had been placing women emigrants in Canada since 1867, opened her home at Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1869, and by the turn of the century had settled some 5,000 children, mostly girls, in Ontario.[5]

            The emigration schemes were not without their critics and there were many rumours of ill-treatment of the children by their employers and of profiteering by the organisers of the schemes, particularly Maria Rye.[6] In 1874 The London Board of Governors decided to send a representative, named Andrew Doyle, to Canada to visit the homes and the children to see how they were faring.[6] Doyle’s report praised the women and their staff, especially MacPherson, saying that they were inspired by the highest motives, but condemned almost everything else about the enterprise.[7] He said that the attitude of the women in grouping together children from the workhouses, who he said were mostly of good reputation, with street children, who he considered mostly thieves, was naive and had caused nothing but trouble in Canada.[7] He was also critical of the checks made on the children after they were placed with settlers, which in Rye’s case were mostly non-existent, and said that:

            Because of Miss Rye’s carelessness and Miss MacPherson’s limited resources, thousands of British children, already in painful circumstances, were cast adrift to be overworked or mistreated by the settlers of early Canada who were generally honest but often hard taskmasters.[8]

            The Canadian House of Commons subsequently set up a select committee to examine Doyle’s findings and there was much controversy generated by his report in Britain, but the schemes continued with some changes[9] and were copied in other countries of the British Empire.[10]

            In 1909, South African born Kingsley Fairbridge founded the “Society for the Furtherance of Child Emigration to the Colonies” which was later incorporated as the Child Emigration Society. The purpose of the society, which later became the Fairbridge Foundation, was to educate orphaned and neglected children and train them in farming practices at farm schools located throughout the British Empire. Fairbridge emigrated to Australia in 1912, where his ideas received support and encouragement.[11] According to the British House of Commons Child Migrant’s Trust Report, “it is estimated that some 150,000 children were dispatched over a period of 350 years—the earliest recorded child migrants left Britain for the Virginia Colony in 1618, and the process did not finally end until the late 1960s.” It was widely believed by contemporaries that all of these children were orphans, but it is now known that most had living parents some of whom had no idea of the fate of their children after they were left in care homes, and some led to believe that their children had been adopted somewhere in Britain.[12]

            Child emigration was suspended for economic reasons during the Great Depression of the 1930s but was not completely terminated until the 1970s.[12][13]

            As they were compulsorily shipped out of Britain, many of the children were deceived into believing their parents were dead, and that a more abundant life awaited them.[14] Many children were welcomed into loving homes, but others were exploited as cheap agricultural labour, or denied proper shelter and education and not allowed to socialise with native children. It was common for Home Children to run away, sometimes finding a caring family or better working conditions.

            [edit] Exposure and apologies

            In 1987 British social worker Margaret Humphreys carried out an investigation leading to the exposure of the child migration scheme and the establishment of the Child Migrants Trust, with the aim of reuniting parents and children. Full details of the scheme only emerged as late as 1998 during a parliamentary inquiry in Britain, which found that many migrant children were subjected to systematic abuse in religious schools in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.[15]

            In 1994 Humphreys published a book concerning her research entitled Empty Cradles. In 2010, this book detailing Humphreys’ work, political obstacles, and threats on her life along with the crimes and abuse done to thousands of children by government and religious officials was depicted in the film: Oranges and Sunshine.

            [edit] Australia

            In Australia, such “Child Migrant” children are part of a larger group known as the “Forgotten Australians”. “Forgotten Australians” is a term the Australian Senate has used to describe the estimated 500,000 children who were brought up in orphanages, children’s homes, institutions or foster care in Australia up until the early 1990s.[16] “Child Migrants” refers specifically to the 7000 children who migrated to Australia under assisted child migration schemes. Child migrants were adopted or brought up in children’s homes, institutions, orphanages or foster care. Many of these children experienced neglect and abuse while in institutional care.[17]

            At the urging of the “Care Leavers Australia Network”, in August 2001, the Senate Community Affairs References Committee published “Lost Innocents: Righting the Record – Report on child migration,” and followed this in August 2004 with the “Forgotten Australians” report. Both reports concluded with a number of recommendations, one of which was a call for a national apology. Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd apologised on behalf of the government of Australia on 16 November 2009.[18] As of 2009, there were an estimated 7,000 “Child Migrants” currently residing in Australia. The Australian government had contacted about 400 British child migrants for advice on how the apology should be delivered. Australia’s Roman Catholic Church had publicly apologised in 2001 to British and Maltese child migrants who suffered abuse including rape, whippings and slave labour in religious institutions.[15] A £1 million travel fund was set up by the British Government for former child migrants to visit their families in the UK. The Australian Government later supplemented this fund.

            [edit] Canada

            After the apology by the Australian government, the Canadian Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, said

            There’s no need for Canada to apologise for abuse and exploitation suffered by thousands of poor children shipped here from Britain starting in the nineteenth century … the issue has not been on the radar screen here, unlike Australia where there’s been a long-standing interest. The reality is that, here in Canada, we are taking measures to recognise that sad period, but there is, I think, limited public interest in official government apologies for everything that’s ever been unfortunate or [a] tragic event in our history.[19]

            Canada did proclaim 2010 the “Year of the British Home Child”[20] and on 1 September 2010, Canada Post released a commemorative stamp to honour those who were sent to Canada.[20] In the province of Ontario, the British Home Child Day Act, 2011 makes September 28 in each year ‘British Home Child Day’ to “…recognize and honour the contributions of the British home children who established roots in Ontario”.[21]

            [edit] United Kingdom

            On Wednesday, 23 February 2010, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown issued an official apology for the “shameful” child resettlement programme and announced a £6 million fund designed to compensate the families affected by the “misguided” programme

            Yes, thanx to Wikipedia. In this point I agree!


            do me a favour and take your ass to some cinema and see that film, you sick nerd!

          3. Peanut, just a word of warning and a head`s up, JB does not like long text cut and pasted to a comment on a his website…even when they are meaningless and no one will be bothered to read them …OK ?

    2. you call it mistake, right? Ehm…

    3. Loggie
      This is the third or fourth time you have posted this or similar links – history, past, gone, settled, corrected and, like you, irrelevant.

      1. than you should stop posting your comments about 2nd world war and UK losts… its past already!

        1. Peter
          Another Slovak who thinks he can post what he likes but doesn’t like us bringing up your own shamefull past. How typical!

          1. Your comments and replies are irrational. You are not making any sense.
            I am guessing your education is very low. Considering that you spent some time in the army it’s understandable.

            If you weren’t posting all the lies and half-lies I would have nothing to react to. You are as Juraj said – a broken bucket.

            Back to the topic Grandpa – mistakes in the UK considering the child care had happened and there is a very high probability that happen again in this time.
            Don’t tell me Grandpa that during the times of your youth you had seen all the problems and mischieves that the UK apologized 2 years ago. Did you? I’m sure you didn’t. Just as now you don’t see anything wrong with the SS system.

          2. Grandpa .??? Is that some of you best, witty and inventive work as well ? Christ you must be a Civil Servant .

          3. Yep. You`re now expert on Slovaks… Go back to SAS!

  12. George
    A net?
    We are British Social Services.
    We will use our colonial colleagues to drive our pray into the open and then dart them from helicopters before selling them on the open market.

    1. What is the open market price of our prey then ..darted or undarted of course ..BTW do you know the bloody price of helicopter fuel ???

      1. BTW, not many Replies to THE POLICE RECORD …charge ?

        Funny how tons of misinformation can be found in a minute, real investigative, fact finding, checked journalism takes a lot more effort .

        1. George
          Grasshopper and Loggie couldn’t find the gents in a monastry!
          Interesting article though – looking at her I wouldn’t think she was in to such things. Just shows appearances can be deceptive.
          How do you keep a country of idiots in suspense? Shall we tell them next year?

          1. Personally them owning a Police record, could tip the public opinion balance . What kind of people are these, that can have children ?

      2. Bottoms dropped out of the market I’m afraid, Angeline Jollie started a craze for bright, intelligent 3rd world kids. Drugged or undrugged, makes no difference to the price or their appearance and reactions. Heli fuel – no problem, got them converted to run on pork fat and etho – slivo.

  13. I am trully sorry for the baby. I hope she will be fine. I read the parents contacted the hospital and SVK SS right after they came back. Mrs.Cisarova has more work to do.

    I worry that it might happen that next time when some child gets sick the parents won’t go to the hospital because they’ll fear the’ll lose the child. It’s only a question of time when a tragedy happens.
    News like this are not helping anybody. The UK SS and it’s court should change the system. F.e. if they saw that the parets weren’t happy about their appointed lawyer who was rude to them they should communicate with them better.
    This system is clearly not working – people are clearly scared it’s not only because of TV JOJ.
    And don’t worry Alec – there are Slovaks who will defend the UK SS and think of the less fortunate people as guilty. You are not alone.
    I’m not one of them and it has nothing to do with this web site.

    1. agreed!

    2. Nob, How do we determine that `People are less fortunate ` than others ?

      Because they are Slowvak and plain Stupid then ????

      1. what way stupid, can you explain?

        And do not sufocate with all those peanuts you are offering. No one is interested.

        1. Mo, This will go as it goes…meaningful relationships are not all that, or as Cowpat, would have you believe .

          I would love to think my charm, wit, manners, boyish good looks for my age and that I am hung like a donkey, was the reason this Lovely Lady finds me so …..although I do know that the Porsche 911 , the Jeep, the vintage Coupe Merc, my house in Austria, my Old Town Flat in Bratislava , my holiday home in Italy, my rental property portfolio and other investments, my three businesses and my nice bank balance may have some minor attraction for some women….

          One thing I am sure, she is never gonna leave me for bigger brain to be found in Slowvakia .

          1. hahaha Georgina, you have just revealed how much do you lie! Two weeks ago you had Bentley 1989 in your garage in UK didn’t you???

            You know my 30-years old brain can still remember something, sadly yours brain can’t.. Or did you just forgot ? I am sure you wouldn’t …lol

            jeeesus..How ridiculous you are by constantly mentioning how rich you are. Who cares?
            You can only be attraction to flies anyway, they are usually attracted by faeces.

          2. your charm? manners? you have no charm and manners… it’s a luck for you, you’re so rich, because without that money, nobody will even look at your side. anyway, do you really think, we believe you that? you don’t have any porsche, any house in austria, italy or whatever…you don’t have any doctor girlfriend. you just want to look interesting. rich people won’t just sit on their arses and write their comments on this site and spend their dear time. anyway, i don’t need to have any money, but i still feel as a richest woman on this world. i have the endless love of my kids and this is only thing it really matters. that’s reason, why this, and hundreds other families left UK, to protect their kids against the rotten social services

          3. Juri, I do own a 1989 Bentley garaged in the UK and also a Classic Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce convertible, that is in garaged in Italy as I have holiday home there .

            I was discussing all the cars I own in Slovakia, as they are number plate registered there and this is a Website about Slowvakia after all .

            BTW. You obviously care how rich I am, as you keep mentioning it …the jealousy, spit and your envy is sadly evident to all ….sorry, but I am just so much more richer than you .

          4. Mo, I am glad you can lie about your sad, poor life ….I admire you for it and how you struggle on, making ends meet .

            Yes children are a glory. I have had 7 of them in all. All been put through Universities throughout Europe …Two are Doctors, one a Doctor of Physics and the others all have excellent jobs in Germany, UK and Paris. Thankfully none have Slowvak blood .

            Tell me why would I need to look interesting to anyone ?….although many are interested in me ? Sorry the truth hurts many of you .

          5. Georghina,
            You too sick for such disscusion budy!

          6. You know Pete …I found the Harder I Worked, the Luckier I became ..not sick .

            I am semi retired my age, work 2/3 days a week and like D.C and perhaps Smug have earned the right with our experience to have the time comment on these webpages. What stuns me is young Slowvak Guys like Loghead, Juraj, Expat and even you, have the time to wade in with so many and such long comments . At your age, I was working, making money so I can enjoy the fruits during and in this later life ….

            Kinda sums up why guys are still at the bottom of the food chain, jealous and show so much envy at my wealth and my current attractive Slowvak partner …

    3. Loggie
      I have a better idea.
      The next Slovak who appears in a UK court, appoints and pays for his/her own counsel ( like you have to do here) instead of using the free services of a court appointed lawyer. Better still, read up on UK law and represent themselves – I’d pay to watch that.
      2 Slovaks do a runner for reasons not fully reported and because it appeared on JOJ there is mass panic in the UK. Your government going to hire some planes to bring the other 50,000 back? Oh! suprise, suprise the other 50,000 don’t give a toss about the two dimwits and they would rather stay in a country were the systems work and their children are safe.

      1. Get out of SVK Grandpa! You don’t show any respect you don’t expect any respect.
        You are only an old stupid moron who has nothing better to do than showing his “smart a..” by arguying with young people in their 20s.

        1. Losgar
          To whom are you referring?

          1. To Grumpy Grandpa Craphold. Why?
            Teach me a lesson Alec.

          2. Wow , Kinky eh Smug !

  14. George M., Dave C., Alec – the only 3 people on this web site that are right, cold headed and ask questions only to give the answers by themselves. The rest are sheep, prejudiced people, either Slovaks who are stupid or crazy British who betrayed their country.

    When we run out of arguments we throw more dirt on the people that are already downer than down, people who lost their homes, their country, their health, their faith for justice, their children. We call other people who disagree with us names, we search the internet not for the truth but only for supporting “our truth”.

    We live in a foreign country yet we don’t respect it’s people, we give them xenophobic names, show our superiority, tell them how everything in their country is wrong, we will lie and make up the most ridiculous lies, call their mothers, fathers, wifes, children and all ancestors by names of the most faulty language we can.

    We will never hesitate about our truth, we will never admit we might be wrong, and if they tell us we are wrong it will make us mad.
    I know there are many other people out there who have EMPATHY for other human beings, whether they are homeless, orphans, drug users, ill or any other way less fortunate than we are.
    But it’ not us, we always hold the side with the stronger ones, the ones that bear the responsibility and are paid from our money to make things better, protect us and our families, explain if neccessary, correct their mistakes, serve the people and the country.

    1. AHahahahahahahahahahahah …..sorry Nob, I have a cold .

    2. Losgar,
      You are making assumptions about people and circumstances you know nothing about. Seen too much to worry about empathy and compassion but I have never ever come up short with the helping bit, even here in Slovakia.One word I will let you to contemplate, my friend, and that is hypocrisy.

      1. Yea Smug, you go for it ….

        Say Nob, here is another word for you to hang your hat …Filibuster.

      2. I wish I could say the same about me Alec, but I won’t. I believe you though.
        Hypocrisy? Maybe you are right a little. Nobody’s perfect.

        1. Nob !!! Welcome to the DARK SIDE !

    3. don’t worry, losgar. at his age, galileo, copernicus or hundreds others were called mad and out of their minds 😉 there are still many people, who will better wish to shut the others up than open their own minds

      1. Well that was Deep ..Mo

        Errrrr wasn`t Galileo, Copernicus or the hundreds others were that were called mad, just not born Slowvak ? Just a point, OK ?

        1. will you know, who am i writing about, if i’d write slovaks? just a point… 😉

        2. and another point….the weren’t born in britain either 😉

      2. I don’t worry much Mony. All I worry about is the kids and whatever we say here, on this web site, will change nothing.
        As I said before – there are people out there who don’t believe in the holocaust because they chose not to believe.

  15. Reading the comments of our Slovak contributors seems to indicate that what George says is absolutely correct, about them at least. However I remain optimistic and believe the mass of people in the Slovak Republic have a more balanced view of life in general.

    1. Well, i would recomend to read the Georges comments. You might change your mind afterwards!

      1. Working at the Sewage Works, that balances you mind then Peter ?


        New news just coming out …

        The Mrs B`s family have a POLICE RECORD !

        What skeleton to have in your cupboard …..Do the UK Social Services, the Judge, Media worldwide know this possible fact ???

        1. What for? No, no let me guess – child abuse, infanticide, people trafficing, selling child porn, singing badly, telling porkies, impersonating a nun, bestiality, flying a paper plane without a licence, cashing in Grandpas life insurance, not clearing the snow off the pavement or is it something serious?

          1. DC.

            Let`s wait for one of our resident experts to explain all eh?

            Google away guys, Nobs, Juki, Joe`s and `Elle-phants???

          2. Oh this is an Official Police Record …

            One the entire public can hear ….

        2. Calm down buddy. Kids are on the way to Slovakia… no metter what you write and again expres your selfish comments!

          1. Not with Police Record hidden in their cupboard ….

            Someone hand Peter the Shovel …he will be apologising to us in spades soon .

          2. Same kind of police record as a child abuse? The same police report which suddenly appear in someone cupboard just because there is no other choice? Oh come on! wake up!

          3. BTW…I am not you buddy , but someone`s honey …or so my Girl told me last evening . Quite smitten with this new Doctor lady .

            Sorry Pete, thought you would find that of interest as you spend most nights, making love alone .

        3. haha! really funny budy!
          go ahead to your 911 and keep study handbook….

    2. Smug …welcome to the Dark Side .

    3. Alec
      Your right to be optimistic, the majority of Slovaks are bright and intelligent. I think this site just happens to attract the dross, bit like the filter in your tumble dryer!

      1. I think you really mean the fluff DC…

        1. George
          The dross is correct – something of very low quality, waste or useless substance.
          Maybe the tumble dryer filter is the wrong analogy though, scum net for your cess pit maybe more apt.

          1. Agreed !

      2. Slovaks absolutely can say the same about Britons. Let´s hope that majority of British population isn´t so highly degenerated as some of the contributors here. Let´s just hope, for their own sake!

        1. DC, Elle wants a peanut , throw her one eh ?

          1. Did you get your regular dose ssweetie?

    4. i wouln’t trust a social workers, they’re just people and people can make a mistakes… you probably don’t know the case from ireland, a couple brought their 3months old son to the hospital, because he had a bad reaction after the vaccine. docs ‘ve found out, child has 21 fractures, so they took him from the parents. which was right, because it was very suspicious. but after that, docs’ve find out, this little boy suffers from a very rare disease, his bones are very weak and can break with just a touch. so parents didn’t hurt him. the reports from hospital says, boy had first 10 fractures, when he was brought to the hospital and after the treatment had another 11. did anyone blame the doctors for them? no. parent are innocent, but still without the baby. the baby was breastfed, now not any more. no contact with his mother. and what is the parents guilt? only that they have a sick child, nothing more. and especially, this couple could not have a children for a long time, this baby was concieved after IVF. so isn’t is riddiculous, somebody blame them for child abuse? well, georgie, now you can say, that you still believe, that the social care in your country is perfect, like everything else. are you really so blind, or just dumb?

      1. Well all I have to say on this is ……..Ireland is not the UK, dimwit .

        1. you are right, UK is much much worse than ireland.

      2. mony
        This Irish case and similar cases in the UK are well known. The children are born with rickets because of a a lack of vitimin D. A recent court case has reversed similar decisions after the medical professionals finally got to the bottom of the problem and admitted they were at fault. I don’t know what the situation is in Eire but I believe your medics generally follow the UKs. If the baby has been diagnosed with brittle bone syndrome he should be returned to the parents, but that is a matter for the Eire courts and not really relevant to the UK or what is happening with these Slovak families.

        1. Soory Mo, Rickets is among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries, is Slowvakia claiming to be a developing country .

          BTW . The predominant cause is a vitamin D deficiency, but lack of adequate calcium in the diet may also lead to rickets . The majority of cases occur in children suffering from severe malnutrition, usually resulting from famine or starvation during the early stages of childhood.

          I guess that is a real good reason for Doctors, Social Workers and the Police not to take the children into care ???

          What drug are you on ….you just proved my case for protection of the child first ?

          1. 75% of european population has a lack of vitamin D. you can eat plenty of food, but with the minimum of vitamins. or do you grow your own fruit and veg? and if you do, it doesn’t matters, because if you cook them in the microwave, not many vitamins left there anyway. this is the main problem of malnutrition, dave C was writing about… and especially for uk and ireland, a lack of sunshine, of course in the case of vitamin D

  16. Nice to see JOJ maintaining such high standards of reporting – this story has more holes in it than the Slovak economy – and good to see so many Slovaks celebrating their countrymen becoming fugitives. When all the back slapping, drinking, paper plane flying and general merry making is over, can someone please explain to me:
    How does a 3 month old baby sustain a broken collar bone?
    I don’t expect a response as JOJ seem to think this matter not worth investigating. Smoke and mirrors!

    1. If you cant clean the mess by your own TV`s than JOJ has to do this!

      1. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln …
        Old Abe should have visited Slovakia and discovered he was soooo wrong.
        The Slovak press couldn’t clean toilets. Reporting here is all smoke and mirrors, keep the idiots busy and let the real news just pass them by.

        1. If the Abrahal Lincoln will ressurect right now and will compare current democracy in UK than he will die immediately…
          So, people run away from UK because of SS “perfect social system” great job UK!

          1. Peter,
            When I read the comments made by your fellow citizen, Jozef, then it:’s time for 50,000 Slovaks to go home and enjoy the good life in Slovakia , you know the one they loved so much before they ran away.
            As for your derogatory use of SS it obviously comes naturally from your knowledge of Slovak history.

          2. again… please read Dave`s and George`s comments first… you will be surprised.

          3. Getting a jibe about democracy in the UK from a Slovak is just taking the P*ss! When the last time (first time) you lot locked up a politician or public servant? name one public enquiry held in Slovakia?, name the last politician or public servant who resigned because of a scandal. Like most things, your all clueless about what a democracy is or what it means. Your all just sheep being led from one crisis to the next, robbed blind and treated like idiots by the clowns you all dutyfully believe and vote into power. Read some of the articles written by the people who actually gave you the chance of democracy, you know, the ones who actually risked their lives, they are all heartbroken about what Slovakia has become.
            Some parents feel obliged to run away from the UK for reasons that are never given in full (Why is that?)- How many 10, 20, 100, 600? So the other 99%+ of parents have no problems with the system – why is that then expert? What you and many other thickies can’t understand is that the system does work your just so blinded by the crap you so readily absorb that you can’t see that.
            In my opinion Slovaks bitch on this site about anything in the UK because it so much easier than actually tackling problems here. Sat on your arse posting dribble about things that you neither have knowledge of or will ever effect you personally is so much easier than actually doing something about problems in this country – How Slovak, what you going to do? Wait for the EU to sort the problems out, sit in dark corners rattling your keys, that’s about all your capable of – no clue, no backbone, no hope.

          4. I am not protecting Slovak democracy. Is it you who blindly beleivethat your UK`s life is perfect…

          5. Well Dave, you are out of the reality! Please take your glasses and read some old book and calm down!

    2. The broke was older than it was presented by UK authorities, probably during birth – which is not unusual case – and it manifestaded itself just now. In this case it is shame on UK NHS which didnt provided afterbirth check properly – I suppose becouse unmotivated pacistan newbie had just pass the child with broken bone.

      1. Jozef, your obviously using Google Translate …stop it, do it in you own words in English …the comment will be far funnier, no ?

        1. georgie, once again, your perfect english doesn’t mean, your are a better human being. and as i see, you’re just concentrating on grammar, not the fact, what jozef wrote…your UK health system is one of the worse in europe! take it as a simple fact.


        New news coming out …

        The Mrs B`s family have a POLICE RECORD !

        What skeleton to have in your cupboard …..Do the UK Social Services, the Judge, Media worldwide know this possible fact ???

  17. I would predict that what is going to happen in this case is that the SS will go to Slovakian Courts and claim that they have jurisdiction under the Hague and Brussels Conventions.

    They will forge documents with incorrect dates to get this baby back to the UK. They have done this many times in France, Spain and Ireland. Because these cases are secret, very few people ever get to hear about them.

    The social workers should be arrested in Slovakia when they try this, maybe that will stop the insanity in this industry that feeds on children.

    In a recent case in Ireland hopefully be made public soon, a baby born in Ireland was taken at birth and the UK social worker perjured herself in an Irish court but was not prosecuted. Irish SS colluded with UK to return the baby to the UK. I hope every nasty detail of this case is made public.

    Great work by Darius Haraksin by exposing all this!

    1. Joe Burns,
      If all these forged papers you speak of are so secretive, how do you know about them?

    2. Joe Burns
      56 years old, retired, no children, Irish citizen.
      Runs a website: Alliance of Parents Against the State.
      Supposedely a group of like minded people campaigning against the Irish Governments policy of adopting EU and International Law regarding childcare and lobbying for a “No” vote in the Eire referendum on the issue. A quick glance at his website reveals attacks on the Irish and UK governments, social services, police/Garda, banks and the capitalist system in general. Same tripe as Winston Smith and the others, lots of eye catching allegations, outragious claims BUT not one shred of supportative evidence.
      Another conspiracy theorist and closet anarchist.

      1. Amazing Dave, we can see you can use search engines !
        Sadly, your age is finally showing up now, and you have proven here that you are unable to be independent in opinions.
        I understand ,UK , the pinacle of civilization knows everything best.

        1. Juraj
          Not only can I use search engines, I can spot people full of bullsh*t at 20 paces. The fact that you and many of your countrymen have been taken in by so many charletons speaks volumes about you, the fact that I am not taken in, speaks volumes about me – still each to his own, some were born to lead and others were born to be sheep.
          My age? Ah I presume you follow Logheads flawed maths and believe that I am some elderly pensioner – Oh so wrong! – Again.
          There is no point in posting a considered opinion on this site because irrespective of what facts I quote to support my arguement you Slovaks just believe any crap another Slovak posts, publishes or broadcasts, become abusive when your shown to be wrong and have neither the grace or backbone to accept the truth, no matter what the source.

          1. …and you see the person full of bulshit every morning, in your mirror.
            Made in Britain.

      2. I suppose the Council of Europe is involved in the conspiracy now as well. “in the motion for a resolution, some facts concerning the functioning of family courts in England and Wales are worrying. It has been alleged that in numerous cases in England and Wales the Official Solicitor, an organ of the State, displaced a parent in proceedings which have led to the adoption of their child or children. Mothers had their children taken away from them because they were victims of domestic violence or on the basis of medical evidence for which there had been no second opinion. Some complaints referred also to the fact that England habitually gave judgment in family proceedings without the judgment being made public (which might be in conflict with Article 6 – there can be an argument for keeping the identity of the persons secret, but this does not apply to the reasoning of the court which it must remain accountable for). Moreover, the motion for a resolution is critical about the operating of Cafcass – the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service -, which provides guardians ad litem for cases of children in care in England and Wales (Cafcass Cymru operates in Wales).74 In 2008, Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) became the regulator for Cafcass and since then it has issued reports on Cafcass.75 (published 12 November 2012)

        1. J.B.
          The key phrase above is “It has been alleged”
          I hope the Cof E resolution is taken on board by the UK government, if there is something wrong it needs sorting out, quickly. Hopefully there will be a full review of the Child Protection System which along with the current review of reporting procedures for Family Court matters will sink some of the conspiacy theories.
          The bottom line though is that 99%+ of families in the UK have no problems with the child protection services which suggests to me that there is no wide spread general problem with the system as it stands. The lack of detailed and truthfull information about the few cases reported in Slovakia along with the postings from our “family support groups” have not helped the locals get to grips with the issues, which is a shame, as is the decent into plurile insults on this forum.

          1. 99% percent of families have no problem with UK social services?
            ..obviously , they haven’t met them yet.
            Have your ever visited any UK parenting forum???

            British parents widely share opinion not to visit doctors with the common childhood injuries which could be labeled by doctors as “potentionally abusive parents” !

          2. Juraj,
            Do not spend your effort to convince Dave, George as they already proved that they are working for SS and blindly beleive that their world is perfect!

          3. Rather than your planet , where children are NOT protected against abusive Slowvak Parents ? …..Based on the premise, that a child is always better off, after a bit of the old nibble sucking ?

            Geeeze are you guys for real ?? What happened to the people of Dubcek and 1969 ?

      3. I am pleased to see my name has been taken in vain again.

        Unfortunately all this is true,the British Family Courts are corrupt, the child if it had gone into Care would almost certainly have been Forced Adopted under the new British government zeal for this, and a major issue has emerged of this problem of vitamin D deficiency and injuries at birth.

        Racketteeringand trafficking in children is taking place to supply the adoption industry.

        We recently got taken in the Councilof Europe.

        You have joined the Dark Side if you defend this.

        1. The Dark side ???

          This really IS a black thing then ???

    3. Joe, if all those “shreded” families could speak up about practices of this amazing Shitish social system ..
      Many parents in UK has been sentenced due to “not respecting” privacy of the children, when complaining publicly..

      1. Juraj, 200 people a year are jailed in the secret courts. Would you speak up?

        1. Keep spouting your evil rhetoric Joe and hopefully you will be one of them.

        2. Come on Mr Burns, where did you get these figures from or are they your little secret. Please don’t post crap on here, some Slovaks are like toilet sponges and may actually believe you.

          1. would be more relevant to ask you where did you get information on which basis you are blindly defending the SS.
            Obviously, you don’t have clue- but you will still defend them.

          2. What about the POLICE RECORD .?

          3. Aha, a police record means a ban on having or raising children in that police state in your head?

          4. losgar, and this is what poor georgie calls “freedom of speech”….

          5. A Police Records would go to a persons character, no ?

        3. Joe, over 1000 children are taken away yearly in UK… Why wouldn`t you speak up? Poor country like Slovakia has to show the reality of UK SS…

          1. The UK court has the right to silence them. They can’t talk about particular and actual cases in the UK.

            Try to write the full name of on this comment page site and the comment won’t go through.

  18. Reading this article again it really is full of factual holes …one wonders if it was made up ….no real surprise there if told by TVJOJ .

    ~~~The parents eventually had to go to court ~~ why and what charges were laid ?………. It cannot be for deciding on/for the baby as they still had it in their own care ?

    ~~~they said that the designated lawyer was “terrible” and that they were not allowed to speak. ~~~ ……..So they are in court, a date that was set in advance and they wanted a feebee Lawyer to represent them for something, but noone knows what, but JOJ assumes it was the baby`s future . How mad was that ? Where they Roma BTW ?

    ~~~The judge let the parents take the baby home until the hearing the following day~~~ Eh, so the hearing could not be heard that day, but the next?? And the judge so concerned for the child, sent it home, to further possible abuse ?? Me thinks this is all about something else and because a baby was part of the family, a story just has been made up . These things just don`t work to this legal protocol .

    BTW. How did they get home to Kosice then ? …they had no passports or ID…try getting on a Ryanair plane without a ID ??

    1. George M, get yourself a job. You are out of your mind!!! Or maybe sensible English people prefer to employ Slovak, and this is the only way you are capable to repay them! Congratulation on your life achievement! (writing stupid comments)

    2. they had a passports…
      on the other side. If this article is not a reality. Than why was it posted to this server???

  19. Anyhow , lovely chattin to you all this evening.

    My Show starts again tomorrow at 8am .

    Just off to wollow with a sexy pig and perhaps help improve the Slowvak gene pool .


    1. incest? Are you talking about Ms. Ashton?

    2. Exactly Georgina,

      What are you talking is a Show. Irrational. And you can’t improve slovak gene pool , as you are already senile .

  20. George … Yes you should know about it a bit more as one of the SS workers.

    1. Hello Peter, not spoken for a long time eh?Sad, as you are so obviously such a chatty guy, so let me fill in my life gaps …

      Currently, I am sleeping with a stunning, pin up, 33 year old Slowvak lady Doctor, that has a 38 ( E cup ) chest …..and Oh, I recently bought a 2006, Porsche 911, 3.6 Turbo to go with my 4×4 Jeep .

      So how`s life with you at the Sewage Works ?

      1. George,

        ,,Currently, I am sleeping with a stunning, pin up, 33 year old Slowvak lady Doctor, that has a 38 ( E cup ) chest …..and Oh, I recently bought a 2006, Porsche 911, 3.6 Turbo to go with my 4×4 Jeep .” what ???
        Should we masturbate over that? Do you realize how ridiculous you are??

        1. Yes of course ….but they are all mine ….and I have so much more money the you old Juki …experience brings its rewards .

          BTW Have you met Elle the Elephant? I believe he is a very close friend of yours

      2. oh, here you are, you SS lieutenant. Or should I call you rather Mr. Godzilla? Ha?

        I think you just feel very lost after Mr. Sevile died. Bad bad guy, it was not very nice of him to leave you behind. How did you do that? Did it hurt? Is your defecation OK? Perhaps not as you defecate by mouth lately…poor you.

        1. There he is ….My Stalker Elle.

          Savile ( not Seville you ignoramus) he should have come to Slowvakia. At least he would have been with a nations of like minded people …

          1. Savile, Sevile, who cares about the name of such nerd. But the thing you should care for is that there are much more of his kind in your precious country. So watch your little ass darling…

            BTW. I am not a man. And for female gender we use “She” not “He”.

          2. `Phant, How can you have any credibility, on this forum if you cannot fact check a name …. ?

            After meeting you, I’ve decided I am in favor of abortion in cases of incest. Quite common in Slowvakia, or so I am told .

      3. Proud George…. What a bunch a crap comes from your mouth. You must be the numbest or dumbest of them all. You brag about your 911 and a 33 year old catch like she is an object, nice, I only wish she could read your endless blanter and rage on this forum. Who freaking cares! You are shallow, dense, morbid, and without any rational sense. Tip a few more back, then you can pass out next to your lovely 33 year old doctor…like that means anything as the respect level for docotrs in Slovakia is even lower than a teacher! Get a life!

        1. Say Cowpat not getting much pecker abuse yourself these days then, quite obviously .

          When your trouble and strife gets off my face, then I will have more time to chat with you ….

          God you must be such an interesting guy to be married too, ZZZZZZZZZ ?

          1. I still don’t get your humor, and I certainly don’t get your attempt of trying to be superior to any of us. I get what I want and need when I need and want it…. My wife is a lovely women I respect and show the most respect for, unlike your play toy…. Too bad you don’t understand.

          2. Cowpat, you are poor and I am rich and hung from the waist down like a baboon …just get over it . You just dont get anything on this forum, so however you are going `to get interesting me ` is beyond my thinking.

            Respect is overrated …real women like a men to be a guy …not a mouse.

            Btw, fancy some cheese Cowput ?

          3. OK, Rich and “Hung like a Baboon”, suppose if I was a baboon I would be upset you are comparing yourself to me!…. Thanks for the clarification! Next time I see a Baboon sitting and stroaking himself behind the glass walls that hold him in captivity, I will think of you, just as he scratches his ass smells his fingers! George of the jungle indeed!

  21. Tv JOJ ?? This is almost funny .

    It must be obvious to all, the baby broke their collar bone, climbing up the Shard Tower , playing football in Green Park, or bungee jumping from Big Ben . A Slowvak would never throw a child against a wall ….now would he ?

    Still one less to clear the air of the stench of B.O and unwashed feet .

  22. Of course

    Voloda is typical slovakian name …by the way.

  23. The UK families say they are forced to flee because they will not get a fair hearing in the UK in the family courts…

    This sick Shitish social system system is finally unraveling it’s dark side..

    1. Juraj
      An interesting article but it does ask one very serious question.
      Do these underground networks actuall check if the people they are helping in good faith are as innocent as they claim? Maybe worth reflecting on that.

      I think it is worth repeating that none of the Britpats that have commented on this general topic have ever said the UK system is either the best or does not have faults. What many of us have tried to point out is social workers, police and the courts have a duty to apply the law as it stands in the UK and they should be demonised for doing their job even if you and others don’t agree with the UKs law. It would appear that the system does need some revision BUT it is based on current EU regulations and law. Because other countries don’t bother to enforce those laws does not make them better places for children or families.
      Another interesting fact not discussed in the article is that France, Spain and Italy have a higher incidence of infanticide than the UK so the comment that child protection is not so rigourously enforced in those countries actually has an unreported down side – IE more children are killed by their parents in those countries and I suspect, although I don’t have the figures, child abuse may be more common also.

        1. Blimmy, European EU/ Justice/ civil/ brochure etc …..far to highbrow for me. Just reading my Porsche 911 Owners Handbook takes me a day to understand .

  24. Slovak political scene is trash….. nobody cares
    Slovak justice is not working well….. nobody cares
    Milion children die daily in Africa….. nobody cares
    A couple of people has problems with social service abroad… lets do some protests
    I am not related to GB and I am original slovak, but do not understand why this case takes so much attention. Just assume it has something to do with attempts to increse an audience for JOJ TV

    1. Voloda it’s another case. There are more children in the world. The UK SS is the same though.

      Please tell me how you feel when you have to run away with your baby with a broken collarbone with British police on your a… Maybe you would care a bit.

      1. yes, Voloda is another case for sure. Case for a shrink. Together with Godzilla the Great Britain aka George M. 🙂

        1. Can anyone tell me why Slowvaks always without fail, have to explain their own posted commented insults, or jokes to the reading audience ???

          Is it because fellow Slowvaks are so dumb, they dont think they`re gonna get it ?

    2. I am also a slovakian and i was prepared to run in January.! mind u No one cares about the politics too. but i CARE about my kids!! at least they do not take the kids like here!!!

      1. You`re not Slovakian, your Slovak ….if you`re gonna pretend to be a Slowvak dope, then at least get the local lingo correct ..geeeeeze

        1. Yes, no doubt you are rich. Rich in rotten brain in your head.

      2. dezdemona
        Your so right, Slovakia does not take your kids. That why the dead ones are found years later, rotting in rooms, attics or buried in the garden with the family pets. The bad news – SVK Social Services are visiting the UK to learn more about our system and methods, getting training in the UK and working more closely with the UK child protection services, so the current “Don’t give a damn” attitude will almost certainly change.

    3. Listen guys, I really feel bad for the family and their problems. But the media are full of GB social service issues. I am indeed affraid while opening my refridgerator, that GB social service will be there.

      1. Voda , perhaps there is Yogurt in that fridge as well ….about the only sensible culture you will find in Slowvakia .

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