Slovak hockey player robbed at new hotel

As Slovakia gets set to safeguard its image as a good host to the Ice Hockey World Championships, even before most of the guests arrive there is trouble at the freshly built hotel near Bratislava hockey stadium.

Ondrej Nepala Stadium (c) The

The Slovak National Hockey Team are based at the hotel, and world-famous hockey player Pavol Dimitra has had his personal belongings stolen directly from his hotel room. His watch, notebook and iPad were among the items stolen from his room on the 7-th floor, where the whole team is accommodated.

Daily Plus Jeden Den quotes PR manager of the hotel, Maria Adamova, as expressing deep regret about the incident while assuring that it would be investigated thoroughly. The hotel told the daily that it would be willing to cover the loss of Mr. Dimitra.

The case is already in the hands of the police and the hotel has camera evidence that may help reveal the culprit, who got into the room without damaging the door and so may have used some chip card.


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